Anjolee Jewelry Hoop Earrings

Which Hoop Earrings Are Right For You?

September 13, 2019 | Gift Giving, The Essentials | No Comments
Looking to add dazzling sparkle or vibrant colors to your favorite ensembles? We have three styles that are easy to wear, super…

Know Before You Buy: The 4C’s of Diamonds

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New from Anjolee: Diamond Jewelry for the Sweetheart in Your Life

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Truly meant for someone that you love, our Dearest Sweetheart collection is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduations, or just…

Buying Guide: How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Product Showcase: Fresh, New Designs by Anjolee

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We are so excited to showcase some of our new, gorgeous jewelry designs! They are versatile, on-trend and timeless... and we are…

Summer Jewelry Showcase: Flowers & Sunshine

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Oh yes, the temps are heating up and summer is here! With summer comes all those joyful styles that we are craving…

Anjolee Diamond Stud Earrings: 5 Smashing Styles You’ll Love

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Diamond stud earrings are a fine jewelry accessory every woman must own. Trust us! They go with everything you wear. Jeans and…

Buying Guide: How to Shop for Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets

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Bridal Sets and Engagement Rings Buying an engagement ring or bridal set does not have to be daunting, if you have the…

Jewelry Spotlight: The Meaning Behind Eternity and Anniversary Rings

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Eternity and Anniversary Rings Eternity and Anniversary rings make extraordinarily thoughtful gifts to commemorate a significant milestone and to symbolize the renewed…

The Allure of Gemstones: It’s All About Color This Year

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Spotlight on Gemstones From stunning green emeralds to blazing red rubies and soothing blue topaz, one of the hottest jewelry trends in…