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By March 1, 2019


Incredible New Tennis Bracelet Designs

Don’t you just love ‘new’? Innovation is what keeps things fun and interesting! We know that a classic diamond bracelet and gemstone bracelets are the ideal accessory to accompany diamond rings and diamond earrings. A stunning diamond tennis bracelet, in a traditional linear design is a spectacular compliment to your look, so why try to improve on perfection? Not to worry, these are still like the traditional tennis bracelet styles you love, but you will delight in the subtle, yet unique design elements that make these bracelets stand out from the crowd.

Four-Prong Tennis Bracelet

The four-prong design of our Dazzling Four Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet, in white gold, features a classic design with a modern twist. Round brilliant diamonds sparkle gleefully as the bracelet wraps around your wrist. Choose the diamond weight and quality that is right for you. You can also have the bracelet crafted of 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, rose gold, 14k karat white gold, yellow gold or platinum. There are so many ways to take the jewelry you love and personalize it to suit your taste and budget.

Diamond Lily Tennis Bracelet

Our Elegant Lily Diamond Tennis Bracelet is striking and unique. This round diamond tennis bracelet features exquisite petals of precious metal that hold the stones securely in place. The lily crowns bloom with sparkling brilliance with each flick of the wrist. If you are looking for a meaningful wedding day gift, this bracelet is the perfect choice! An engagement and a wedding are the most meaningful times, so commemorating that day with the gift of a diamond tennis bracelet is a fantastic idea.

Bridge Tennis Bracelet

The Bridge Diamond Tennis Bracelet showcases a twist on the classic tennis bracelet design. This bracelet features brilliant diamonds that are set within a cupped setting that is bridged by bottom links for a comfortable fit. Anjolee gives you the freedom to custom design your bridge tennis bracelet with the diamond size of your choice, and by selecting 18k or 14k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Diamond Swirl Tennis Bracelet

Finally, we want to share with you our new, gorgeous Tennis Bracelet with Round Diamonds and Swirl.  The captivating crisscross design adds interest and sophistication to your look. Brilliant, bright diamonds rest joyfully in the striking lattice design. Customize this piece by selecting your favorite precious metal type and color. You also have the flexibility to choose the carat weight and diamond quality that is important to you. When we talk about diamond quality and carat weight, we are referring to the 4C’s of diamonds. Check out our diamond guide for all the information you need to make the right choice for yourself or purchasing a diamond tennis bracelet as a special gift for someone you love.

We invite you to view our entire bracelet collection. Most diamond tennis bracelets come in 7- or 8-inch bracelet lengths – but if you need another length please speak with our customer care team. They can help you get exactly what you need and answer any other questions you may have.

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