Popular Jewelry Trend: The Diamond Tennis Necklace

Spotted everywhere from red-carpet galas to Frappuccino runs at Starbucks, the classic diamond tennis necklace has swept countless jewelry lovers off their feet during its current resurgence of popularity.

For those not in the know, a diamond tennis necklace is a line of individually-set diamond stones strung around the neck. Diamond tennis necklaces can be used in everyday wear; depending on your occasion, they are easy to dress up or down.

Won over by their shimmering beauty already? Awesome! Next comes the exciting part: making your purchase.

With so many diamond tennis necklace options available, it can be hard to decide on the perfect piece. A diamond necklace is an investment to be treasured for future decades. Prioritizing a high-quality purchase in the present can help guarantee this outcome, and we’re here to help you achieve this.

We want to introduce some of your favorite diamond tennis necklaces in our collection, so read on to learn more!



Timeless Dreams Tennis Necklace

The Timeless Dreams Tennis Necklace is an enduring style that will never go out of fashion.

Available in a wide range of necklace lengths, metals, carat weights, and diamond qualities, the Timeless Dreams Tennis Necklace can be customized to your specific vision, making it truly yours and yours alone. We manufacture our jewelry with an exact specificity that allows this opportunity.

The Timeless Dreams Tennis Bracelet is made to be the perfect complement to our Timeless Dreams Tennis Bracelet. Like our diamond necklaces, the bracelet is available for customization. Either (or one of each) would make a beautiful addition to your jewelry box!

Timeless Dreams Riviera Diamond Necklace

Another addition to our Timeless Dreams collection, the Timeless Dreams Riviera Diamond Diamond Necklace showcases diamonds set into round expertly made links. Our design keeps the metal to a minimum, allowing for maximum sparkle of the diamonds.

Like the Timeless Dreams Tennis Necklace, the Riviera Necklace is custom made to your specifications. Customize your necklace from a wide array of chain lengths, metal options, weights, diamond qualities, and sizes. Your necklace will be as unique as you are, ensuring your diamonds are to your taste and adored across an entire lifetime.

Buying Guide: Let Anjolee Help You!


Before making a decision, please consult our buying guide first! Our buying guide advises you throughout the purchase, offering information on topics like necklace style and length. If you still have questions, then we’re here to answer them! Contact us any time, and we will be happy to help you with your jewelry purchase.