Say 'I Do' To Our Newest Collection of Diamond Wedding Rings

Find the perfect diamond engagement ring in Anjolee’s latest collection of exquisite wedding jewelry.

When Did Diamond Engagement Rings Become Popular?

The Ancient Romans first popularized the tradition of gifting a ring to a future spouse. Initially, wedding rings were made of high-value period materials such as bone, ivory, and copper. However, gold became the standard, precious material for engagement and wedding rings over the following millennia.

Then, in the late 1940s, diamonds were cemented as the preferred gemstone for engagement rings. The art deco era also birthed the phrase, “diamonds are forever,” which capitulated the precious stone’s popularity among lovers. Since then, diamond engagement rings have symbolized love and social status. While the debate on the appropriate diamond size and ring cost continues to ruffle feathers, the dream of receiving a gorgeous diamond ring from a loved one amidst a romantic proposal will never fade.

Over recent years, jewelers have expanded their variety of diamond engagement rings by introducing unique settings and cuts. Of late, halo diamond settings is the preferred diamond wedding ring design of the soon-to-be betrothed.

What Is a Halo Diamond Setting?

A halo diamond wedding ring has a center stone framed by smaller stones. Jewelers create unique iterations of the halo setting by using unique band shapes, multiple large diamonds, and various diamond cuts.

Unique Band Designs

The whimsical band of the Swirl Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is the perfect romantic wedding ring setting. The new Swirl Halo features a total diamond weight of 0.95 carats and is available in multiple precious gold settings. Its center diamond is round and is fully encompassed by a swirl of diamonds that extends down either side of the band.

Triple Halo Settings

Three is certainly NOT a crowd in the Cushion Cut and Baguettes Engagement Ring. Equally flashy baguette cut stones flank the gorgeous, primary cushion cut diamond. All three of the sizable diamonds are individually encompassed by diamond halos. The total diamond weight is 1.48 carats. This opulent diamond engagement ring sparkles from every angle.

Complementing Diamond Cuts

The fanciful design of the Oval and Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is sure to catch the eye of hopeless romantics. A unique combination of oval and pear-cut diamonds wraps elegantly over the top of the finger. The halo setting of each of the three stones elevates this ring to dream-worthy proportions. Your love will appreciate all 1.27 carats of this unique diamond engagement ring.

What To Look For In a Diamond Engagement Ring

There are so many options available for diamond engagement rings. Selecting the perfect one is overwhelming. Narrow your search by considering these characteristics:


    • Cut. The cut of the diamond refers to its shape. Popular diamond cuts are cushioned, pear, oval, and round.

    • Setting. Consider the style preferences of the ring’s recipient. Those that prefer minimalist designs would choose a solitaire engagement ring setting. Comparatively, halo settings pair better with admirers of luxury and romance.

    • Cost. Establishing a budget for a diamond wedding ring is an excellent way to start the search for the perfect symbol of your love. The price will determine the size and clarity of the diamond engagement you can afford.

Anjolee takes the pressure off finding the perfect diamond engagement ring through their wide assortment of attractive options. In addition, their convenient services, such as complementary size adjustments and lifetime warranties, will ease your mind, leaving more time to consider the perfect proposal.