Why We’re Loving Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Beyond pairing perfectly with any outfit, diamond tennis bracelets are the tried and true
staple everyone needs in their jewelry box. Sturdy and stunning, tennis bracelets are
built for everyday wear and are definitely worth the investment. With an iconic origin
story, quality hardware, and a mesmerizing glimmer, it’s no wonder diamond tennis
bracelets have become a wardrobe necessity.

The Origin of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The classic diamond tennis bracelet name was conceived from a match mishap during
the 1987 US Open. Professional tennis player Chris Evert was in the midst of an
intense game when she realized she had lost her diamond bracelet. She called on the
officials to stop the game and took the time to search for her bracelet, all while
thousands of spectators and viewers watched from the sidelines.

It turns out the clasp on her diamond tennis bracelet had broken and fallen off her
wrist. After the match, Evert was featured in an interview and called the missing jewelry
her “tennis bracelet,” and thus the name was born.

Known as a style icon on and off the court, Tiffany & Co. swears that “no one wore
diamonds with sports ensembles before the tennis bracelet.”

The Ultimate Tennis Bracelet with Side Stones

A diamond tennis bracelet is the piece you can depend on. Anjolee’s Ultimate Tennis
Bracelet with Side Stones
offers a stunning sparkle from every angle. With round
polished diamonds thoughtfully placed into both sides of the tennis bracelet setting,
the Ultimate Tennis Bracelet with Side Stones is the perfect piece of jewelry for those
who desire elegant everyday wear that is strong and reliable.

Made for just about any style or taste, this diamond tennis bracelet can be customized
in several carat weights, diamond qualities and in 14kt, 18kt white or yellow gold or

The Quality of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Simple but chic, diamond tennis bracelets are a refined piece of jewelry. Made for
everyday wear, it’s important to invest in a tennis bracelet with durability — so much so
that you feel comfortable wearing it on a professional tennis court during a heated

Traditionally, 14k and 18k yellow, rose and white gold are the best metals for everyday
wear given their durability. However, platinum and sterling silver are also great options.

Tennis Bracelet Styles

While classic diamond tennis bracelets consist of one smooth row of diamonds, there
are many different styles to choose from.

If you’re going for a non-traditional look,
you may want to shop for a tennis bracelet with a stack of gorgeous
diamonds instead of a single row, like the Multi Strand Flexible Diamond
Tennis Bracelet
or the Triple Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet.

Alternatively, you may opt for a tennis bracelet with emerald cut diamonds as
opposed to the classic round cut diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are also a nice take on the traditional diamond
tennis bracelet.

You may also want something with a more unique design, like the Solitaire
Ring Link Tennis Bracelet
in White, Yellow or Rose Gold. No matter which