6 Ways to Avoid Tarnishing

One of the most common problems faced with new jewelry is tarnishing. It is always disappointing when your new masterpiece starts to lose its shine and luster the more you wear it. In order to prevent jewelry from tarnishing, it is important to understand what tarnish is. Tarnish, a layer of corrosion that develops on the surface of some metals, is caused by sulfur and other airborne materials that come in contact with jewelry through storing it in open air. The following are six easy ways to avoid tarnish at home and keep your jewelry as shiny and bright as when you first got it.

  1. Plastic Bags: Storing pieces of jewelry in airtight plastic bags will restrict airflow to the jewelry and slow down the process of tarnish.
  2. Pacific Cloth: Pacific cloth, which is also known as Silver Tarnish Cloth, can be bought at most fabric stores. Wrapping or covering jewelry with this cloth will reduce the exposure to sulfur and other corrosive chemicals. However, the cloth cannot reduce tarnish once it has occurred.
  3. No-Tarnish Strips: No-tarnish strips are available online or in some jewelry stores. They can be put in with your jewelry and changed every two or three months. Once again, the strips can only prevent tarnishing rather than remove it.
  4. Chalk: Chalkboard chalk works in the same way as no-tarnish strips, absorbing the airborne chemicals. You can put a few of these with your jewelry to prevent tarnish. They should be changed every few months, as well.
  5. Daily Wipe: Wiping down jewelry at the end of the day with a jewelry cleaning or polishing cloth can remove materials that have settled on the surface of jewelry throughout the day.
  6. Orange Juice:  Soaking jewelry in orange juice or any other acidic liquid can help remove tarnish, as well. The jewelry needs to be submerged for a few minutes for effects to take place.

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