Spotlight on October’s Gemstone

October Gemstone
Gemstone for October

October marks the beginning of the beautiful autumn season. During this month leaves start to change color and spirits rise as the upcoming holiday season approaches. For those with birthdays in the month of October, opal is their birthstone. Opal is a colored gemstone made of the minerals sandstone and limonite, and can range from varying colors of white, gray, red, orange, magenta, blue, olive, brown and black.  The color variances are due to the amount of red and infrared wavelengths the mineral was exposed to. Some of the prettiest opals have a mix of colors in them.

Australia is the largest provider of Opal stones in the world, specifically Southern Australia. However, it is a popular stone found in many United States stores also. The price points are typically pretty reasonable because this is a gemstone that can be easily obtained.

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