Certified Diamonds vs Anjolee Diamonds – What’s the difference?

One of the most important decisions when purchasing an engagement ring is determining which center stone to select. Anjolee offers both certified diamonds and our signature Anjolee Diamonds but what is the difference?
Certified Diamonds: Certified diamonds are appraised and certified by one of the top gemological third-party laboratories: GIA, IGI, or EGL-USA. You can view and select your specific diamond and will be provided the certificate.

The Anjolee Diamond: Our signature diamonds are handpicked – just for you! We offer diamonds that are excellent cut and very good-excellent polish and symmetry. Each Anjolee diamond will come with its own Anjolee Certificate of Authenticity that provides information on the cut, color, and clarity of your natural, authentic diamond.

Have questions or not sure which to select? Give us a call at 877-265-6533 and we would be happy to help you select your perfect diamond!

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