Fall 2013 Fashion Chained Down

If you’ve ever been exposed to fashion, you know that Fall Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the industry. New York hosted Fall Fashion Week September 5-12, 2013, and displayed not only the upcoming fashion trends in clothing and accessories, but particularly in jewelry. What is the Fall Fashion trend for 2013? Chains.
Fashion in early 2013 reintroduced late 1980’s and early 1990’sgrunge and punker styles, including spikes and over-sized hoops. While these are leaving the fashion scene, they’re being replaced with chains, another featured accessory from that era.


Fall Fashion Week 2013 primarily focused on chain bracelets. Chanel’s chain bracelets are made out of the chains for the 2.55 bag strap and look best when they’re layered with 4 or 5 other bracelets. Bottega Veneta featured chunky bracelets made of voluminous thin chains almost in a tangle which part only to offset a medallion. To appeal to the grunge look, Saint Laurent’s bracelets are typically a string of pearls with layers of chains and charms that dangle over the wrist. Givenchy coils thick chains around models’ wrists with varying pendants dangling from each one.


But bracelets aren’t the only interesting chain jewelry seen this Fall: chunky chain necklaces are also spotlighted. Just as Chanel has a re-purposed bag strap bracelet, they have a necklace, intended to be worn around the neck and over the hair. Lanvin is in keeping with the theme with layered gold chain necklaces in small chains and large chains with gold words that hang a bit lower –words such as Love, Cool, Happy, and Help. Perhaps the simplest is by Michael Kors: these 12 or 13 extra extra large chain links wrap around the neck in a chic choker.


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