How to Pick the Best Necklace for Your Special Occasion

It’s a big day. It might be a graduation, wedding, prom, anniversary party, or you may be honored at an event such as a gala, an awards ceremony, or even a red carpet-like event. For this big day, you don’t just want to go anywhere and pick out something that matches your dress. No, you want a diamond necklace that will really make your special occasion, well, special. But how do you pick out a diamond necklace? Take a look at these tips for selecting the right necklace for your special occasion, and you’ll find the perfect one that is right for you!
1. What is the Event?

The first question you should be asking is what the event actually is. You may know that your event is your wedding, or that your event is a graduation, but think to yourself what kind of category the event falls into. If you’re going to be honored at an awards banquet, the event may be semi-formal or formal. Often the venue plays into the style of the evening: a restaurant -even a nice one- might be a touch more casual than, say, a vineyard by the ocean. So ask yourself what kind of formal the event classifies as, and where it is going to be held. While it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, you don’t want to be garish or gaudy.

2. How Do You Want to Look at the Event?

Everyone wants to look great, and no one is contesting that. But ask yourself what your role is in this special occasion. If you’re going to a graduation, a prom, or an awards dinner, it is likely that you want to dress in the same style as everyone else (another reason why it is important to know if semi-formal or formal attire is required). However, if you’re the guest of honor, such as a wedding or an anniversary party, you want to look the best. That means select whatever opulent piece you want.

3. What Are You Wearing?

One of the most important elements in selecting the right necklace is knowing what your dress is first. It might sound simple: “I’m getting married, so I’m wearing a white dress.” But it’s not that simple. After all, there are many different designs. You may select a dress that is modern, and may not want to select a vintage-style necklace. Or you may select a vintage style dress, so you would not want to select a necklace that is too experimental or contemporary. Or you may have selected a dress that has a high neckline, so you don’t want to select a necklace that is too long. Know what you are wearing before you select a dress: that way you can select the best necklace with the right design and the right size and length.

4. What Would You Be The Most Comfortable In?

Don’t only select a necklace because it’s en vogue: select a necklace that you like, that you would be comfortable in. For example, chokers are very en vogue. However, you may instinctively feel like you would be more comfortable in, say, a tennis necklace. Follow your instinct and wear whatever you’re comfortable in. You want to look great, but you always want to look relaxed and happy.

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