Jeweler’s Guide to Tennis Bracelets

Jeweler’s Guide to Tennis Bracelets

The tennis bracelet was not always know as such – it was originally called a “line bracelet” or “in-line bracelet.”  However, the tennis bracelet earned its current name after a tragic jewelry accident in 1987.  Tennis professional Chris Evert was in the middle of a match at the 1987 US Open tennis tournament, when her diamond bracelet broke.  She insisted on stopping the game to look for her lost bracelet, bestowing a new name to this style of bracelet that has been used ever since.

SB845So what exactly is a tennis bracelet?  Tennis bracelets are demure pieces of jewelry that deserve a place in every woman’s wardrobe.  A bracelet is qualified as a tennis bracelet if it is made of fine metal (most commonly yellow or white gold), and is set with diamonds along the entire length of the band – thus the original name: line or in-line bracelet.  A traditional tennis bracelet will also have a box or lobster clasp for added safety, so you won’t have to suffer the same fate as poor Chris Evert!

MW_b257_w_mBecause their styles are so versatile, tennis bracelets can be paired with any outfit, casual or otherwise.  The bracelets gain their versatility from the variety of settings and stones available.  While bevel-set diamonds are a common design, other variations, such as different gemstones, more complex settings, and even metal accents are also available, and create designs that can compliment any style preference.  A traditional, simple setting could emphasize a classic look, while a more contemporary setting with gemstones and gold accents would add a little more flare to your ensemble.  Either way, when paired with a tennis bracelet, your outfit can’t go wrong!B369

Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose piece of jewelry for your own collection, or you’re looking for that perfect gift, a tennis bracelet will not disappoint you.  With its many variations and time-honored appeal, it is a staple accessory, capable of adding a touch of class to any wardrobe.

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