Guest Post: Anjolee’s Collections Feature

Buying  jewelry has never been easier! Not only can we order jewelry from the comfort of our own home, but now we can find exactly what we are looking for within seconds at Anjolee. The other day I was browsing for diamond drop earrings, as a well-deserved birthday present to myself.  “If not for myself, then who will be for me,” the old adage goes.  Countless times I’ve seen celebrities wearing elegant teardrop earrings in magazines and longed for a pair myself. Finally, deciding to stop wishing and start doing, I looked to Anjolee for assistance. I searched under Diamond Drop Earrings, as a start. Beyond that, I had no exact criteria in mind. I, for one, am not familiar with jewelry, nor do I know style names or types. Anjolee’s new Jewelry Collections feature aided me in deciphering between the collections.
I was offered four categories to search under. In this case they were: ‘classic’, ‘diamonds and gems’, ‘luxury’, and ‘vintage’. Instead of having to scroll through endless pages of earrings until my eyes glazed over, this feature filtered it out for me and categorized the earrings, making the search process easier. The feature allowed me to select several categories simultaneously, so I narrowed down my results to the two categories that I liked best, and from there I compared and contrasted my options, finally picking my favorite one. An additional benefit to this feature is that if you DO know exactly what you are looking for, this feature gets you to your destination faster. It helps you find your item/style effortlessly.

Why weed through all the styles you aren’t interested in, wasting precious time?  Life is complicated as it is; let Anjolee simplify it.  An ending to my story: you will be pleased to know that I did find my perfect pair, the Floral Diamond Drop Earrings. Now no matter what other gifts I get, I know I have one I really wanted.

Submitted by Dana N., freelance writer for Anjolee

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