New Diamond Drop Earrings, SE82 Series

Anjolee added two classic diamond drop earrings to their collection. These new styles are chic, versatile and  ready to wear anytime! Click on the images below to go directly to the product page to begin customizing your own price.
The’ Square Shaped Diamond Cluster Earrings’, style number SE82 are over an inch in height and .13″ in width.


– Beautiful medium sized dangle earrings.

– A diamond lined lever back connects with a square shaped dangle.

– The square shaped dangle contains a cluster of round diamonds set with prongs.

– Choose metal type and diamond quality.

– 1.51 total diamond carat weight.

The ‘Diamond Lined Cluster Earrings’, style number SE82-A are 1.22″ high and .13″ wide.


– Diamond drop earrings with a diamond lined lever back and a square shaped dangle.

– Each dangle is a cluster full of prong set round diamonds.

– Our master craftsmen added a small gap between the cluster and the outer edge for design purposes.

– Can be customized in gold or platinum.

– 1.45 total diamond carat weight.

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