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3 Prong Double Strand V Drop Diamond Necklace

You can put down the US Weekly and be a celebrity in your own world with Anjolee’s latest collection of diamond necklaces. These one of a kind designs will drop jaws and you’ll wonder why the paparazzi hasn’t arrived yet. So rude to keep a stylish celebrity like you waiting….

The double strand diamond necklace can be purchased in either a 3-prong or 4-prong setting. Either choice beautifully accentuates the graduated diamonds that draw the eye to the largest diamonds in the center of each row. For an extra pinch of pizazz, be sure to check out the double strand graduated diamond necklace where the second row dips into an exquisite V shape where you can choose to add a shimmering pendant.

Now, what’s better than two rows of brilliantly sparkling diamonds? Yes, you are right as always—THREE rows of brilliantly sparkling diamonds! Also available in your preference of a 3- or 4-prong setting, this graduated diamond necklace boasts three strands of quality stones. To make your fans even more impressed with your never-ending style, check out the triple strand version of the V shape necklace with option to add a pendant.



Facebook N369-D 1200x627
4 Prong Double Strand Graduated Diamond Necklace

Believe an expert celebrity like Rihanna and “shine bright like a diamond” on your own red carpet. The exclusive collection can be found here.

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