Silver and CZ Replica Option Now Offered

Anjolee is excited to announce a new feature where you can add a silver and cz replica to your wedding ring order. With the click of a button, you can add an exact replica of your expensive diamond ring crafted in sterling silver with cubic zirconium stones.

Silver Replica Announcement

Benefits of having a silver and cz replica ring:

  • This exclusive new feature is easy to use. Simply add the replica to the cart on the product customization page.
  • Ensure peace of mind while you are traveling, working out, or engaged in other activities where the security of your diamond ring could be compromised.
  • For a nominal fee, add a replica that can be worn in place of your diamond version at anytime.
  • Offered on most wedding and anniversary rings offered on Click here to begin building the ring of your dreams!

Written by Marilyn Deschamps

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