Summer Wedding Jewelry Trends

Summertime is such a popular time to have a wedding, and here is why: it’s the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding where the sun is sure to make your diamonds sparkle! When planning a summer wedding, there are many stunning themes that can help you choose the perfect jewelry for your special day.

Vintage: The vintage art deco style has been prominent since the release of “Great Gatsby.” Highlighted by geometric shapes and intricate patterns, a vintage wedding can not only take you back to the 1920s era but can transform you into a stylish and elegant bride. Anjolee has a gorgeous vintage bracelet collection that can help complete your look, or you could opt for the more traditional and classic teardrop pendant that will surely showcase you on your special day.

Beach: Who wouldn’t want to be married listening to the waves lap while standing on the soft, warm sand on a sunny day? Beach weddings are becoming increasingly more common as a less expensive wedding option that is still unique and fun. Gold accents suit the beach as well as simple geometric designs. Often times, beach attire is flowy and unrestrained so having something clean and simple can add an interesting contrast.

Floral: Floral has become a huge trend throughout fashion and, of course, weddings. Some weddings are all about the flowers, and we all know how hard it can be to get them just right. Summertime is also one of the best times for beautiful blooms. Floral trends have even become popular in jewelry. A floral bracelet and studs add an earthy, natural element to your look and often appears very dainty and feminine.

Indie and Bohemian: With a tight budget, indie and bohemian weddings have become the next new fad. Do-it-yourself is no longer frowned upon and actually encouraged! Unfortunately, it is not quite so easy to make your own diamond jewelry. Indie and bohemian weddings often have their own unique feel and should have unique jewelry to complement that! Bangles, bracelets with a pop of color, or modern necklaces are the way to go.

Cathedral: Though traditional, a cathedral or church wedding held in the summer can be gorgeous, especially locations with large stained glass windows to catch the sun. Jewelry that complements or imitates the architecture of a cathedral can complete your outfit stunningly. Consider choosing a matching necklace, bracelet, and earring set or finding a statement piece that stands out.



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