The 4 C’s of a Diamond

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When selecting a diamond, there are four characteristics you should take into consideration. These four characteristics are known as the “4 C’s” and are carat, cut, clarity, and color. These characteristics also determine the diamonds value. Below is a reference guide with more information about each.

This is a unit of measurement and refers to a diamonds weight. Higher carat diamonds usually cost more because they are rarer than smaller diamonds. As diamond carat size increases, the diameter and the depth of the diamond will also increase. This is why a 1 carat diamond (approximately 6.5 mm in diameter) will not look twice as wide a 1/2 carat diamond (approximately 5mm in diameter).

The cut of a diamond is extremely important because it affects the brilliance of the stone. The different cut grades are: ideal, excellent, shallow, and deep. Anjolee only offers excellent and ideal cut diamonds. When a diamond is cut well, light will enter through the table and travel to the pavilion where it will reflect the light from one side the other before reflecting back out of the diamond through the table. This light refers to the brilliance of a diamond and the flashing, fiery effect that makes it so attractive.

Diamond clarity is determined by the amount and visibility of inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are the internal flaws of a diamond and blemishes are external (surface) flaws. Inclusions are tiny pinpoints, markings, or clouding seen in the diamond that can affect the overall appearance of the stone. Diamonds with fewer imperfections will have a better clarity rating. Diamonds with clarity grades VVS1 to SI2 have slight inclusions that vary in visibility under 10x magnifications but usually are not visible to the naked eye. Diamonds with a I1 clarity rating contain inclusions that are easily seen under 10x magnification and may also be visible to the naked eye. Diamonds with a I2 or I3 clarity rating have major inclusions that are easily seen without magnification.

A diamonds color ranges from D to Z. Diamonds rated as a “D” on the color scale represent the least color and “Z” represents having the most color within a normal range. It is hard to see color differences in grades D through J unless the stones are being looked at side by side.

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