The Hottest Oscar Jewelry Styles for 2013

Anjolee Presents Our Picks for The Hottest Oscar Jewelry Styles for 2013

Did you watch the Oscars this year? What a night! The glamorous starlets were dressed to the nines and dripping in diamonds and gemstones! Of course, the men of Hollywood looked dapper as always, but it’s the ladies fashion that really catches everyone’s attention. The dresses were elegant and stunning – but today we are going to focus on the dazzling jewelry designs that hit the red carpet. Here are some of the top styles of the night.

Double Take

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The ladies of Hollywood got very creative with the way they were wearing their jewelry. Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway worn stunning necklaces — but they wore them with the diamonds down their back. While this unconventional way of wearing these necklaces did get a few scoffs, the majority of people were taken with the creativity and beauty. Each necklace was a perfect complement to the gowns that were worn. They also gave the illusion of a choker in the front, with a unique look in the back.

Other creative celebrities included Sandra Bullock who wore a brooch as a gorgeous hair accessory and Salma Hayek who wore a choker, which encircled her beautiful up-do.

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A hot jewelry trend this year is layering! Layering necklaces, bracelets and stacking rings has become quite fashionable. Plus, if you can’t decide between two of your favorite jewelry pieces, you can just wear them both. Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring is absolutely remarkable and the two Fred Leighton bracelets that she layered together and wore to the Oscars were incredible.

Vibrant Colors

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Jennifer Hudson stunned in these gorgeous opal dangle earrings by Sutra. The long lines of the earrings were the perfect accent to her straight hairstyle and the blue greens of the opals complimented her dress beautifully. She was an absolute knock out!

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