The Need-to-Knows of Buying a Fancy Colored Diamond

You’re So Fancy, We Already Know
Romance White and Yellow Diamonds Pendant (Style No.: HYN-1191:502325)

Being fancy isn’t just for Iggy Azalea. We’re here to divulge why celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Carrie Underwood, and Heidi Klum boast the fancy colored diamonds on their famous fingers. Below you’ll find all the details on why colored diamonds are as unique and valuable as you are and how to best choose the right colored diamond for you.

The D to Z of Diamond Color

When starting your search for the perfect colored diamond, you should have an understanding of what it means to be a “colored diamond” versus a “fancy colored diamond.” The Gemological Institute of America has a color-grading scale from D to Z, with D being colorless and Z being heavily tinted yellow or brown. Diamonds that are not tinted yellow or are more vibrant than a Z-graded diamond are considered “fancy” and vary in colors and intensity. Light yellows and pinks are popular for engagement rings while the more intense colors parallel the stone’s value and rarity. There’s a color for every occasion!

The New Sparkle Style

Like the ever stylish Blake Lively, you’ve got your own fancy style and your diamonds should match. With fancy colored diamonds, the variety ranges in intensity, color options, and even cuts. Unlike white diamonds, colored diamonds are cut to enhance their unique color as opposed to prioritizing symmetry. When perusing colored diamonds for your perfect match, keep in mind that the clarity and inclusions don’t detract from the stone’s beauty when colored. Open up to non-traditional cuts that show off the spectacular hues that are rare and exceptional.

Careful Cost

Like the colored diamond itself, it’s a unique market in the diamond industry. Where there are a multitude of white diamond sellers, there are only a handful of stores that sell colored diamonds. With less competition, prices can be inflated and being knowledgeable about your purchase is more required than ever for a quality transaction.

Color Outside the Lines

For the color-minded, there are other options to adding some truly vibrant depth to your jewelry. Gemstones are meaningful in multiple ways as well as complimentary, especially alongside the classic white diamond.

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