The Unity Bracelet Collection

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Anjolee has launched their new bracelet collection to symbolize relationships and milestones. Celebrations can become a distant memory while framed photographs, awards and certificates of success soon fade within our home or office décor. Our unity bracelets are a reminder of your close connections with loved ones and the accomplishments you have achieved.


Taking the Anjolee brand to the next stage, the company introduced customized bracelet designs that share the same wire theme; the wires symbolizing the connecting between individuals. These bracelets are an ideal gift for a loved one, or a self gift, celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, career triumph or health recovery. The styles provide daily memorable reminders for you to enjoy, and the important people who have supported you along your life journey.


Available in 10k, 14k, 18k white gold, yellow gold, and platinum and various diamond qualities of any length, the styles include a single fish hook with two tier studded wire designs, diamond tiered loops and whipping knot coils. These may represent multiple feats you have overcome or true bonding between yourself and a partner. The double hook styles creates dual synergy between two people while the horse shoe hooks focus on the ‘road less traveled’ and ‘life coming full circle,’ intertwining positive emotions.  If you’ve wandered down the beaten path, these designs will speak to you.


Creating the Unity Bracelet Collection was an interesting challenge and achievement for Anjolee. The company interpreted the styles differently, based on our individual relationships and milestones yet the commonality magnified our connection of how far we’ve all come in life. Touching the bracelets and wire integrated designs will provide energy and a reminder of how you have achieved each life milestone, providing wisdom and courage within both your relationships and future objectives.

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