Tips for Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

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You have decided that she is the one and you cannot wait to ask her to be your wife. You just have to find her a forever ring that will take her breath away.

Figure out her style preference

This task can be a challenge, especially if you want the engagement to be a surprise. Start your investigation by asking her family members or friends. Style preferences include diamond shape, the setting, and any design details. Also take into consideration her personal style. If she is generally more into traditional or classis design, she probably won’t be blown away by a flashy ring.

Select the metal type

To determine the metal type, consider the jewelry she already owns. Gold and platinum are ideal options for an engagement ring. 14-karat white or yellow gold is the most popular option for fine jewelry because it is the middle point between 10, 14 and 18-karat. Platinum is also a great option because it has a higher durability, tends to last longer, and requires less maintenance than gold.

Choosing the diamond

When choosing the center diamond for her dream engagement ring, consider the 4 C’s.

Cut: The most important characteristic, the cut determines the brilliance or the sparkle of the diamond. An excellent cut is the most cost effective cut to show off the fire and light of a diamond.

Clarity: Clarity ratings are determined by how many inclusions (internal flaws) and blemishes (external flaws) a diamond has. Very slightly included (VS) clarity will have very small inclusions that will not be able to be seen without magnification. Slightly included (SI) clarity will have inclusions that are generally not seen without magnification and included (I) clarity will have inclusions.

Color: The color grading system for diamonds ranges from D through Z. “D” is a colorless diamond (very rare) and “Z” diamonds have the most noticeable color. A good range for the center diamond would be between F and H.

Carat: Carat is a small unit of measurement used to determine the diamond’s weight. The larger the carat, the more the price will increase.

Figuring out her ring size

The easiest way to figure out her ring size is by finding a ring she currently wears on her right or left ring finger and seeing what size it is. You can find a ring sizing chart by visiting: Another option is asking your significant others close friends or family if they know her size.

Time Frame

You should begin shopping for an engagement ring about three to four weeks before you decide to ask the big question. This will allow for proper education and shopping time for her ideal ring.

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