Diamond Bracelets; Always in Style!

Diamond Tennis Bracelets Are Classic 

No other jewelry design has lasted the test of time and stayed as popular as the Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Women have always enjoyed wearing diamond bracelets, but after receiving its’ iconic name, the popularity of this design skyrocketed. At the U.S. open in 1987, tennis star Chris Evert stopped her match because she noticed she was missing her diamond bracelet. From then on, the classic jewelry piece has been known as the ‘Tennis Bracelet’ and become a jewelry must have. Whether you prefer white or yellow gold, princess cut or round stones the tennis bracelet is a perfect piece to wear for any occasion!b369_w_m b131_y_m

Diamonds come in a range of various diamond qualities denoted by a combination of color and clarity ratings. Color ratings range from HI (nearly colorless) or FG (perfectly crystalline) and clarity ratings, I-1, SI-2 or VS (most to least inclusions visible under a microscope).

All of the Anjolee diamond tennis bracelet are accompanied by a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which thoroughly lists specific characteristics such as the quality of the diamonds, precious metal and appraisal value.

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