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As the New Year is well under way, it is time to look at the rising trends in engagement rings. While Anjolee can’t find you the perfect man, we can provide you with the perfect ring to last a life time. The following are some of the most popular engagement ring styles to suit every woman’s needs:
Solitaire: Solitaire rings have always been perfect for a timeless look that never goes out style. They are simple yet elegant and easily paired with a gorgeous diamond wedding band.


Embellished Band: An embellished band can add a bit of bling to the simple design of the solitaire ring. For woman who likes a little bit more to look at, this is a great balance between simplicity and shine. Whether it is a two-row diamond or split shank band, this style gives a lot of freedom of expression to help you find your perfect ring.




Princess Cut: The princess cut is perhaps a more unique and less seen cut of diamond, but it is perfect for a woman who wants to stand out. Many celebrities such as The View’s Sherri Shepard can be seen wearing this style for their own engagement rings.




Halo: Halo rings became popular in the 1920’s and have stayed that way ever since. The accent stones around the main diamond give it added sparkle and can enhance its size, as well. The art deco feel to the design fits the modern and contemporary woman and is sure to stand out.



Woven Band: A woven band adds a bit of a twist to the more classic design. The woven design is said to represent the infinity symbol of everlasting love.


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