Accesorizing for St. Patricks Day

Thursday March 17th is the holiday best known for wearing green, and many after work celebrations take place in honor of this day. When it comes to deciding what to wear on this holiday, it should be pretty easy – as long as you choose something green and festive, you will fit with the crowd. Whether it’s a work party, happy hour after hours or simple gathering, accessorizing with a few selective items will put you in the party mood. Don’t overdo it by wearing head to toe green and you will be a fashionable St Patty’s Day lady!
Work party – wear an emerald green button down with a pair of fitted black slacks.

After hours – choose a skirt of pair of dark jeans and heels to create a night time look.

Cocktail party– green dress with neutral or dark heels, jewelry, and subtle makeup.

Jewelry – choose something flirty and fun, like a pair of peridot gemstone earrings or an emerald pendant necklace.

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