Accessorizing for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is in two days and is not only a day for eating huge meals but also a day for celebrating and being with the ones who matter most. Whatever your tradition is, Thanksgiving is a day for you to enjoy. Choosing the perfect piece of jewelry to wear on this holiday can seem difficult, but you can pull your look together just by adding a few accessories inspired by fall trends from this year.

When you think of Thanksgiving attire, you can pull inspiration from the autumn season. Color tones like rich greens, dark oranges, chocolate browns, golden yellows and beautiful reds will bring out a festive mood. Add a few accessories such as a beautiful yellow gold gemstone pendant,  a gold or platinum bracelet or a pair of gemstone and diamond earrings.

If the holidays are when you reunite with family, it may be the perfect time to bring out the family heirloom you have been given. Items such as a vintage diamond bracelet, vintage ring or vintage necklace that have a special significance can also be a great accessory and one that will make you feel good!

Lastly, you can always stick to the classic, because they never go out of style. Try wearing a classic tennis bracelet, or classic diamond necklace with your holiday attire. You will feel beautiful wearing just a few simple pieces that represent your taste in jewelry.

How will you accessorize your outfit this Thanksgiving?

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