Alluring Nights Diamond Charm Bracelet


Alluring Nights Diamond Charm Bracelet

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Gorgeous and glittering, the Alluring Nights Diamond Charm Bracelet takes the classic charm bracelet style and adds a luxurious, modern twist.  With your choice of precious metal (monochromatic 14k or 18k white gold, icy platinum or bold 14k or 18k yellow gold), this show stopping diamond bracelet can be customized to suit your personal style and desired budget.  Along with metal options, you can also choose the quality and cost of your diamonds. The color rating of your sparkling diamonds can be HI (nearly colorless) or FG (completely colorless) while the clarity rating ranges from

I-1 (a few blemishes) up to VS (clear and unblemished).


The actual number of magnificent diamonds and total carat weight depend on the length of the enchantingly attractive Alluring Nights Diamond Charm Bracelet. A standard 7” bracelet boasts an impressive 156 individual diamonds with a remarkable total carat weight of 4.75 carats. Around the band of the shimmering diamond bracelet is a continuous channel of exquisite round cut diamonds with five ravishing charms that dangle delicately against your wrist. These charms are radiant emerald cut diamonds surrounded by a halo of smaller but just as dazzling round cut diamonds creating an explosion of mesmerizing brilliance.


Crafted with only the best precious metals and most stunning diamonds, the elegant Alluring Nights Diamond Charm Bracelet comes with the added guarantee of an Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the specific characteristics and properties of your diamonds. For a small extra cost, you may also request a third party IGI Appraisal Certificate. Flawlessly designed and bursting with captivating luster, the beautiful Alluring Nights Diamond Charm Bracelet is sure to catch her eye and her heart.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Midnight Dreams Diamond Charm Bracelet

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Watch her smile light up the room when she wears the dazzling Midnight Dreams Diamond Charm Bracelet. The band of this classic style of bracelet is encrusted with one continuous row of strikingly mesmerizing round cut diamonds. Dangling from this gorgeous band of diamonds are five remarkable charms with even more radiant round cut diamonds. A large stunning center stone is surrounded by a halo of delicate diamonds resulting in a spectacular burst of hypnotizing sparkle.


Depending on the length of the bracelet, the actual number of diamonds range from 87 up to 185 brilliant alluring diamonds. For example, a standard 7” charm bracelet has 136 captivating diamonds with an impressive total carat weight of 4.35 carats. These exquisite diamonds come in a range of colors, costs and clarities. Choose from five different color/clarity combinations that fit your specific budget and style. The color rating of your lustrous diamonds is available in either nearly colorless (HI) or completely colorless (FG). The clarity rating of a diamond is determined by the number of blemishes or inclusions and can be chosen from a range of very few blemishes (I-1) up to clear and unblemished (VS). These shimmering diamonds are flawlessly prong set into high end precious metal (romantic 14k or 18k white gold, sultry platinum or timeless 14k or 48k yellow gold).


Sensual and sophisticated, the breathtaking Midnight Dreams Diamond Charm Bracelet combines traditional quality with modern style. As an added bonus and reassurance that your diamond bracelet is a bona fide piece of impeccable jewelry, a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity is included. Made with luxurious diamonds and perfect craftsmanship, the Midnight Dreams Diamond Charm Bracelet is designed to last a lifetime.


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