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From the finest quality jewelry to the customization options we offer and exceptional customer service we provide, Anjolee is proud to be a top online jeweler.

And we are also proud to be honored with an Editor’s Choice Award from, the go to resource for tips from dating experts, and which has been featured by top publishers like The Huffington Post, CNN and Fox News.

Their editors recently featured Anjolee for our commitment to quality diamond jewelry, most notably our engagement and anniversary rings. Here’s an excerpt… and we hope you will take a few moments to read their full article as well:

Years ago, people were encouraged to spend three months’ worth of their salary on an engagement ring. However, a recent survey found that many people now spend just two weeks’ worth of their salary on a ring that is meant to last forever. But that doesn’t mean they expect lower quality.

Couples are also more likely to shop together for a ring, compared to years past when the ring was typically a surprise gift. In this new environment, online ring purchases have become more common, as couples find options for customization they can’t get visiting a mall jeweler or a specialty boutique shop.

Those online shops offer better value because they don’t have the overhead costs that come with a retail storefront. It’s also easier for online retailers to focus on quality while offering far more options than a store could.

“What sets us apart is our quality and our attention to detail,” said Andrea Golan, Anjolee Account Manager. “The mountings that we set the diamonds in are substantial, and our rings are not flimsy — they are meant to last a lifetime.”

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