“I have bought items from Anjolee and each time I am utterly pleased with the craftsmanship and quality. And the customer service is magnificent.” – Adrianna, Alaska

“Awesome experience. Awesome company. Shipped and made quickly. What more is there to say?” – Kevin, Canada

“I wouldn’t buy jewelry anywhere else.” – Jaime, New York

That is the type of sentiment we hear from Anjolee customers over and over again. From our superior customer service, to our expertise and knowledge, to each finely crafted piece of jewelry we create – we are proud of the service we provide, and the special moments we help create. Anjolee has been the leader in jewelry manufacturing for over 35 years and are known in the industry for our craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our story began in New York City in the early 1960’s when the company’s founder began designing his own jewelry and building ties with wholesalers and retailers. The company quickly gained early recognition for its unique tennis bracelet designs and is now the leading manufacturer of the timeless pieces. Walk into any well-known jewelry store and you will likely see many of our beautifully crafted designs on display.

In 1977, the company was incorporated and relocated to Los Angeles and 20 years later the operation moved to Chula Vista, California, where it is based today.

In 2007, Anjolee launched an e-commerce division to serve the broader public. The business was named Anjolee in memory of the beloved mother of the founder’s two nephews. They combined “angel” with her first name of “Lee” and altered the French “jolie” (beauty) to “jolee.” The name and brand known as Anjolee stands for enduring love, beauty and respect for quality.

At our core, our mission is to create high quality, handcrafted jewelry using only the finest precious metals, natural diamonds and natural gemstones. What sets Anjolee apart is that we are one of the largest diamond jewelry manufacturers in the United States. This gives our customers the opportunity to purchase directly from the manufacturer, which means you receive the best prices on the highest quality jewelry from expert jewelers. 

Our commitment to our craft begins with you. At Anjolee, we take a personalized approach with every customer because we know that purchasing fine jewelry is much more than an investment – it often carries a special meaning and will be cherished for a lifetime. And you can be assured when you purchase from Anjolee that you are buying a high quality piece. We carefully craft each and every piece of jewelry in our specialized 5-step process:

Wax Model

The production process begins in the wax department. Each individual jewelry design has its own rubber mold for making replicas. Wax specialists begin by injecting liquid wax into the rubber mold and after the temperature cools, the wax is removed and placed on a wax tree.


After the tree setup is complete, the casting department pours liquid investment over the wax tree and after the investment hardens, the casting team places the cylinder inside an oven. The trees stay overnight in an oven so the wax can evaporate, leaving only the investment. The investment is removed from the oven until the cylinder is completely cooled.

At the same time, pure gold and metal alloys are mixed to create the desired metal type and color. First, gold and metal alloys are melted so the gold becomes a pure liquid. Liquid gold is then poured into the cylinder to form the jewelry. Once the gold solidifies inside the cylinder, the casting team breaks the investment open and recovers the tree (the wax tree is completely made of gold at this point).

The tree is then sent to the cutting team where all the links are carefully cut off.  


The assembly team is responsible for connecting the links together. After the piece has been assembled, it is measured to confirm that it is the correct length and the number of stones is correct based on the order.

Anjolee’s trained jewelers have years of industry experience and work on each order with the highest level of craftsmanship. Their incredible attention to detail assures that each jewelry item is manufactured with the finest quality standards.

The assembled links are transferred to the jewelry department where they are soldered together. Any locks needed are attached as well as any last minute filing or touch ups. A master jeweler examines the quality of each piece and makes any necessary adjustments.


The polishing department takes each jewelry item and performs cleaning, final touch-ups and polishing.

Stone Setting

After polishing, diamond jewelry is transferred to the diamond setting department. The stone setter carefully sets each diamond to ensure security and make sure the links are not compromised. The piece is transferred back to the polishing department for the final finishing steps.

Once a piece is completed, a thorough inspection is performed of the assembly, sturdiness of the locking mechanism, stone setting and polishing quality to ensure your custom-made piece meets our quality standards. The result is a finely crafted, authentic piece of jewelry.

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” ― Johannes Brahms


We are happy to share our story and illustrate our commitment to you, and to our craft. We invite you to call us at (877) 265-6533, or send us a message via Live Chat, if there are any further questions you might have.

And we have knowledgeable Jewelry Specialists on hand to help you select the perfect jewelry for yourself, or for someone special in your life. As a family jeweler, we spend time with each customer to share our knowledge and help with purchases. That commitment to building strong relationships with our customers earned us a top ranking in Newsweek’s America’s Best Customer Service 2019 survey. Newsweek asked consumers across the United States which brands they would recommend to their friends and family and we were named one of the top online jewelers.

And did you know that Anjolee is the only jewelry website with a unique customization system where customers can select between four types of precious metals, as well as various diamond carat weights, qualities and sizes? We also provide online customers with the latest shopping tools like Augmented Reality, 360-Degree Views and a 3D Experience.

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