The Story of Anjolee… From Humble Beginnings to Leading Jewelry Manufacturer

When you purchase from Anjolee you are buying direct from the leading diamond jewelry manufacturer in the United States.

Our quality is second to none because we have been in the business for decades, honing our craft. Our company was founded on dedication, hard work and a firm resolve to be the best. Here’s our story…

How It All Began

From the humblest of beginnings in the 1960s is where the story of Anjolee begins. It was then that a young immigrant arrived in New York City with a single suitcase in his hand – sent there by parents who were struggling with a troubled youth. They hoped that working for a family friend – a jewelry manufacturer in New York’s famous Diamond District – would turn him around.

His parents were right. A jeweler’s bench is where the young man found purpose, commitment and an outlet for his creativity. For years he trained to be a master jeweler, struggling not only to learn something he knew nothing about, but to survive on the little money he made.

By day, he worked in the factory. By night, he traded his time doing jewelry repairs for space in a shop where he could work on his own designs. He sold what he made to local jewelry stores and when demand for his work grew, he quit his day job to start his very own company.

From The East Coast to the West Coast

Within a year he had 20 employees and the immigrant whose future had once been in question had become an entrepreneur. The company prospered in New York City and then, in the 1980s, the founder took a giant leap of faith by moving the company to the West Coast. All of his employees went with him to Los Angeles.

However, although the company had done well in New York City, there were tough times in Los Angeles. The founder worked day and night to keep the company going, all the while feeling in his heart that he wanted to create something truly special.

The Company’s Turning Point

It would turn out to be the diamond tennis bracelet that would bring the company success once more. Tennis bracelets were just starting to become popular and he knew he could design one that would outshine all others.

Anjolee Diamond Tennis BraceletHe was right – wholesalers immediately fell in love and the orders came rolling in. And once the term ‘tennis bracelet’ was famously coined during a U.S. Open match, it was settled. The tennis bracelet was here to stay.

Business boomed in the 1990’s and the company became the premiere jewelry manufacturer in the United States – known for quality, attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship. In addition to tennis bracelets, the company started manufacturing earrings, necklaces, and rings.

E-commerce Launched

In the early 2000’s, the company relocated again – this time to San Diego, California. And in 2007 an e-commerce site, named Anjolee, was launched to give consumers direct access to a jewelry manufacturer. For customers, it meant they not only could buy directly from Anjolee with prices below retail, but also select custom options to have jewelry tailored to their taste.

About the Anjolee Brand

What is now known as the Anjolee brand was inspired by a beloved matriarch in the family named Lee. Her name was combined with Angel, along with an alteration of the French word for beauty, ‘jolie.’

It was after the launch of the Anjolee brand that the founder decided to retire and let the new generation take the reins. Anjolee remains family-owned and is known for expertly crafted, exquisite diamond jewelry. Our jewelers, many of whom have worked for the family for decades, are true artisans who labor over every detail.

At its core, Anjolee stands for love, beauty and respect for quality. To us, each customer order represents a meaningful and memorable moment of life celebration, and we honor those occasions.

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