Anjolee’s Smart Shopping Tools: Augmented Reality, 360-Degree Views and 3D Experience

At Anjolee we believe in providing our customers with a superb online shopping experience.  That experience begins with the ability to custom build your own jewelry design based on your taste and budget. Anjolee is the only jewelry website with a unique customization system where you can select between four types of precious metals, as well as various diamond carat weights, qualities and sizes.  Once you build your custom design, you can use our suite of visualization tools – Augmented Reality, 3D Experience and 360-Degree Views – to see how your personalized jewelry would look close up (from all angles), or on you. This will ensure the purchase you make is the right one for your style and budget.

Try It On Using Anjolee’s Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality? It is technology that incorporates digital elements into a real-world view using a camera. You aim the camera on your smartphone or tablet toward your surroundings and, in addition to the camera’s view, you see superimposed digital elements.  Anjolee’s Augmented Reality technology gives you the ability to see how a piece of jewelry – a ring, bracelet or a pair of earrings – would appear on you. For example, by using the rear-facing camera on your smartphone or tablet you can see how a diamond ring would look on your hand. Simply aim the camera at your hand, pinch and zoom to correctly size the digital image of the ring, and then rotate your phone to get the correct angle. Similarly, you can use the front-facing (selfie) camera to see if a pair of diamond earrings or pendant necklace suits you.

We developed our advanced Augmented Reality technology exclusively for you, our valued customers. We are the only jeweler in the world that allows you to try on virtual jewelry in a web-based format – without having to download a special application, or software.  Sometimes augmented reality can be confused with virtual reality. What is the difference? It’s simple:

  • Augmented reality is technology that superimposes a digital image on top of your view of the real world. Some examples in popular culture include Nintendo’s Pokémon Go game (remember the craze over this in 2016?) and Snapchat filters (those fun photo overlays – like when your friends and family add dog or rabbit ears to their selfies).
  • Virtual reality is when you are completely immersed in an all-digital environment. A headset viewer, or goggles, is used to completely block out the real world and immerse you in the digital world. For example, you might use virtual reality to explore a place you are thinking of traveling to from your couch. Or you can use virtual reality to become a digital version of yourself in a video game.

More Visualization: 3D Experience and 360-Degree Views

For a closer look at a piece of jewelry, our 3D Experience and 360-degree images are also wonderful visualization tools to help you make the perfect selection.
With our 360-degree view you can rotate a piece of jewelry to see all of the intricacies of our styles. Our jewelry is finely crafted and designed, and this view will show you all of the detail.
The 3D Experience is a short video animation that shows each of our jewelry pieces as they would look when worn. For example, you can watch a video like the one below to see how a specific pair of earrings would look when worn.

Those who have used the 3D Experience and 360-degree imagery to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry from Anjolee love our tools. “I bought a 10-year anniversary band for my wife – their website is second to none. The 3D video to present the jewelry is amazing. – Jim Furtek

“I looked at many diamond jewelry websites before choosing Anjolee for my diamond anniversary band. Anjolee had a large selection of styles and options at the best price. I liked having the option of customizing my ring and being able to visualize it in 3D, and also in a 360-degree view.” – Kathy Bates

More Shopping Tools

We want you to have all of the information you need to make your selection and encourage you to view our comprehensive Buying Guide. Learn about the anatomy of a ring, investing in the right diamond quality, how to choose the best length for a necklace, best buying practices for bracelets and much more. On our Jewelry Education page, you will find a wealth of information about metals (gold, platinum and other metals), finishing, settings, safety locks, how to care for your fine jewelry and our popular ring sizing tool. You can also visit our Diamond Education page to explore topics like diamond symmetry and fluorescence, and learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds – cut, color, carat and clarity. For information about gemstones, visit our Gemstone & Birthstone Guide.

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