Top-Rated Diamond Necklaces

Are you searching for that perfect wedding day or anniversary gift? She already has an incredible diamond ring and a couple pairs of pretty diamond earrings. Or maybe you are a confident, independent woman looking to reward yourself for a recent success. Anjolee comes to the rescue with a remarkable collection of lustrous diamond necklaces, one of which is going to be just the gift you’re looking for. To get you started, here are some of the Anjolee top rated necklaces.

Traditional Diamond Pendants

Dynamic diamond pendants from Anjolee dangle securely from the center of an elegant metal chain necklace that matches the precious metal setting surrounding your twinkling diamonds. There are many different shapes, sizes, lengths and cuts in Anjolee’s exquisite collection of diamond pendants. The alluring Four Prong Graduated Diamond Drop Pendant highlights the popular round cut diamond in a vertical pattern with four individually set eye catching diamonds that graduate in size.

An absolutely showstopping top rated necklace from Anjolee is the Ravishing Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant. In the center of a shimmering halo of round diamonds is a striking rectangular emerald cut diamond that comes in three different carat sizes (0.5 carat, 1.0 carat or 1.5 carat). Both the focal diamond and side diamonds are available in a range of diamond qualities that are categorized by Anjolee for ease of selection. Each category (Good, Better and Best) has a specific color rating and clarity rating. A diamond’s clarity rating is determined by the number of blemishes visible under a microscope. The color rating of a diamond is based upon how much of a yellowish tinge is noticed in the diamond; the more colorless and crystalline, the more brilliant the diamond.

Gemstone and Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Add some ‘oomph’ to your fine diamond necklace by choosing a design that incorporates vibrantly colored genuine gemstones. Anjolee has eight awesome gemstones to select from: amethyst, citrine, topaz, tanzanite, emerald, sapphire, ruby and garnet. Combining white diamonds and richly vivid gemstones is even more exotic when you set the stones in a memorable precious metal setting.

Classic 14k or 18k yellow gold, 14k or 18k white gold, premium platinum and romantic 14k or 18k rose gold are the types of precious metal offered by Anjolee. Along with stunning diamond and gemstone necklaces like the tantalizing Vintage Teardrop Diamond and Gemstone Pendant Necklace, Anjolee also has many fantastic gemstone bracelets, rings and earrings to mix and match with your other jewelry.

Red Carpet Diamond Necklaces

For a diamond necklace with a more streamlined style without a center focus, the Spectacular Double Strand Diamond Tennis Necklace is an excellent choice. Mimicking the sleek design of the time-honored diamond tennis bracelet, this charming diamond necklace has two rows of sparkling round brilliant diamonds. These illustrious diamonds gradually get smaller on the way up the necklace, ultimately joining together for a total of 6.03 carats of luxurious brilliance. Gorgeous diamond stud earrings and glittering diamond women’s rings are the ideal accessories and accompanying gifts to a beautiful diamond necklace.

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