At Anjolee, quality means everything to us. Manufacturing high quality, handcrafted jewelry is our craft and we take great pride in the details. We select only the finest precious metals, natural diamonds and natural gemstones and assemble each and every piece with the utmost of care.

Each piece of jewelry we create is also designed with strength and reliability in mind, and includes features that ensure each item is safe and secure when being worn.

For example, many of our bracelets are designed with either an Under-Clasp Security Feature or Figure 8 / Side-Safety Security Feature:

An Under Clasp fastens a bracelet via a female and male tongue, and then locks into place with a clasp that snaps shut from the bottom. This provides a highly secure fit that will not break loose.

A Figure 8 works the same way, but instead of a clasp snapping shut from the bottom, it snaps into place from the top. This configuration is just as secure as an Under Clasp.

Our diamond hoop earrings, which feature an extra secure and easy-to-use push button and snap mechanism, are another example of the type of quality you will find with Anjolee. To open, you simply push the button to release the spring-loaded post. Then push back in for a safe and secure closure. You can see a demonstration in this video:

And our stud earrings, like the ones you will find in our Designer Diamond collection, are also extremely secure. The earring backs twist on to threaded posts to keep your beautiful earrings firmly in place.

Our Commitment to You

At Anjolee we are not only highly committed to quality, but we dedicate ourselves to you, our customers. We take a personalized approach with each and every customer because we know that purchasing fine jewelry is much more than an investment – it often carries a special meaning and will be cherished for a lifetime. That philosophy has earned us a top ranking in Newsweek’s America’s Best Customer Service 2019 survey. Newsweek asked consumers across the United States which brands they would recommend to their friends and family and we were named one of the top online jewelers.

We also take great pride in sharing our knowledge to help you make the perfect selection. We encourage you to view our comprehensive Buying Guide where you can learn about the anatomy of a ring, investing in the right diamond quality, how to choose the best length for a necklace, best buying practices for bracelets and much more.

On our Jewelry Education page, you will find a wealth of information about metals (gold, platinum and other metals), finishings, settings, safety locks, how to care for your fine jewelry and our popular ring sizing tool.

You can also visit our Diamond Education page to explore topics like diamond symmetry and fluorescence, and learn about the 4 C’s of diamonds – cut, color, carat and clarity. For information about gemstones, visit our Gemstone & Birthstone Guide.

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