There is an old adage that says “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” While that is true, when it comes to diamond jewelry, there are a few qualities that make a piece traditionally beautiful. The actual diamonds in the diamond jewelry must be of a superior quality, the setting must be flawless, and the style must be truly exquisite. Anjolee highlights some of the key characteristics to look for when seeking the most beautiful diamond bracelets.

The Anjolee Signature Diamond

Open Oval Love Diamond BraceletEach and every diamond in the world has its own unique combination of characteristics. Expert jewelers and gemologists follow a strict set of standards to determine the beauty of each individual diamond. These guidelines define specific properties of diamond such as color, clarity, symmetry, cut, polish, and fluorescence. Anjolee has its own set of standards that go above and beyond your average diamonds. The Anjolee Signature Diamond has a standard that distinguishes high quality diamonds in terms of excellence, perfection, expertise, and assurance. Glittering and glamorous, the sparkling Open Oval Love Diamond Bracelet is a perfect example of a beautiful diamond bracelet bursting with brilliant diamonds.

Stunning Settings

Pave Circle Diamond BraceletThe type of setting used in an illustrious diamond bracelet has a major impact on the overall artistry and allure of the design. A setting type is the precious metal base that secures the diamonds and gemstones in place. Anjolee offers the following premium precious metal settings: eye catching 14k or 18k yellow gold, feminine 14k or 18k rose gold, elegant 14k or 18k white gold, and polished platinum. One of the most common settings is the prong setting which features small metal prongs cradling the circumference of your diamonds, allowing light to pass through and sparkle. Other modern setting types are channel setting (small uniform-sized stones in a sleek row), bezel and half-bezel settings (popular with diamond tennis bracelets), and pave settings as seen in the shimmering Pave Circle Diamond Bracelet.

Subtle Style Changes

Circles Of Love Adjustable BraceletAlong with the shimmering diamonds and expert setting, for a real visual attraction, a beautiful diamond bracelet needs a captivating design. From glistening diamond charm bracelets and versatile bangles to dainty diamond tennis bracelets, Anjolee has so many incredible styles and designs to choose from. An innovative twist on classic styles is to incorporate vibrantly colored gemstones into your diamond bracelet design. Icy white diamonds look exceptional alongside genuine gemstones like amethyst, sapphire, ruby, and emeralds. Anjolee has a certain knack for making subtle style changes to create a tantalizing new diamond bracelet with a different feel. One perfect example is the flirty Circles of Love Diamond Bracelet; with a simple design change, the charming Circles of Love Adjustable Bracelet is created.

Of course diamond stud earrings and pretty women’s rings are nice, but there is something extra personal about receiving a gorgeous diamond bracelet. Whether it’s for a birthday gift or anniversary surprise, Anjolee has the most beautiful diamond bracelet perfect for that special woman.

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