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Tennis Bracelets: How Price Is Determined

When buying a diamond tennis bracelet, there are many factors to consider. Of course, the style must be appealing and the quality high end, but the price is also something to think about. The cut and quality of the diamonds, precious metal choice and your personal style preferences all have an effect on the bottom dollar. Anjolee has an incredible selection of tennis bracelets that range greatly in price to ensure every woman has a chance to add this timeless staple to her fine jewelry collection.

Diamond Quality

Because tennis bracelets feature eye catching inline diamonds, the quality of diamonds play a major factor in determining the price of a diamond tennis bracelet. As each genuine diamond is truly unique, experts use the globally recognized 4C’s to evaluate the quality of diamonds: color, clarity, cut and carat. Crystalline, perfectly symmetrical diamonds cost more than smaller, slightly cloudy diamonds with a couple blemishes. Anjolee uses a simple to understand grading system so you can easily choose the quality of diamonds in your very own beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. Your choices are Good (less quality yet also less expensive), Better and Best (the priciest, but nearly flawless and crystal clear in color).

When it comes to the cut of the diamonds in your dazzling tennis bracelet, there are varying shapes and costs. When light shines on a diamond’s surface, the facets act like prisms and reflect back in sparkling brilliance. If assumed that all other diamond qualities are the same, specific cuts create a greater luminosity while others have a more subtle shine. Cut with 58 precisely calculated facets, the most expensive and most popular diamond is the round brilliant (think classic diamond stud earrings). Brides definitely prefer round brilliant diamonds as their engagement ring centerpiece and the circle shape is often used to create a whole new pattern, as shown in the stunning Elegant Teardrop Link Diamond Bracelet. Less expensive (and less brilliant) diamond cuts include the sophisticated princess cut, elongated oval cut and fancy heart and pear shaped cuts.

Total Carat Weight

The fourth “C” of determining a diamond’s quality is carat. Tennis bracelets are measured based on the overall carat weight, not that of the individual stones. Total carat weight of diamonds has a major impact on the price of your gorgeous tennis bracelet. Anjolee does an amazing job of letting you customize the total carat weight in the irresistible diamond tennis bracelet that best suits you.

The more high end, striking designs have multiple carat options to make them either more opulent or more affordable. For example, the unbelievably luxurious Sparkling Emerald Cut Diamond Bracelet has three choices ranging from 11.4 total carats for approximately $25,000 to an impressive 21.6 carats of captivating diamonds for around $46,000.

 Precious Metal

Along with diamond quality, length and style, the precious metal setting that you choose to set your diamonds causes the price of a diamond tennis bracelet to increase or decrease. The setting is the frame for your glittering diamonds and the color of that setting makes your diamonds shine in different ways, especially when the design features a halo like the hypnotic Enchanting Five Halo Diamond Bracelet.

When set against regal 14k or 18k yellow gold, white diamonds boldly stand out in contrast. For a more romantic and alluring look, choose to have your diamonds set in feminine 14k or 18k rose gold. All gold precious metal options are available as either 14k (58.3%) or 18k (75% solid gold). The price difference between a 14k white gold and 18k white gold tennis bracelet may be a couple hundred dollars. The most expensive and exquisite metal type available from Anjolee is icy platinum, which may increase the price of a same design by a couple thousand dollars.

Anjolee diamond tennis bracelet designs are easy to personalize based on total carat weight, precious metal type, length and diamond quality. Prices range from the low thousands to over $50,000. With so many customization options available, you will definitely be able to find and create an unforgettable Anjolee diamond tennis bracelet that fits within your budget.

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