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Add a little sparkle to any outfit with a stunning bangle bracelet. Bangles are a fantastic way to bring excitement, personality, and style to any wardrobe choice. Throw on one or two bangles to brighten up a casual fall outfit or choose a stunner for an evening on the town. Anjolee has several bangles available in 14K and 18K gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Get creative and mix metal types and styles for extra fun. Here are a few of our featured styles:


TDivinely Dazzlinghe Divinely Dazzling Halo Bangle Bracelet is a beautiful showpiece. It can be customized to your liking with 14K or 18K gold, rose, yellow, white gold, or platinum. It is a perfect piece to celebrate a special occasion!

This bangle wears beautifully for a night on the town or that upscale evening event. The halo diamonds are perfectly set to sparkle day or night. The bracelet is secured with a clasp to ensure safety and fit.

So whether you’re looking to gift it to yourself or someone special, this bangle is sure to please.


Diamond DreamsThe Diamond Dreams Graduated Bangle Bracelet is truly a unique design that catches the eye. With it’s uniquely placed diamonds of varying sizes, the bracelet sparkles beautifully and eloquently as it lays on the wrist. With three larger stones at the center and smaller stones as you move down the sides, it’s clear this piece is meant to shine.

This bangle is a show stopper on its own. It is a perfect gift for a bride-to-be or an anniversary gift celebrating years of everlasting love. Anyone would be awestruck receiving this beautiful bracelet. It can be customized in the metal of choice from 14K gold to platinum.


Diamond Top BangleThe Diamond Top Bangle is a delicate but eye-capturing piece of jewelry. This gorgeous bracelet can accent others or stand alone as a simple but treasured piece in your collection. You can choose a metal type to match other bangles in your collection or choose to have it stand out on its own. This bangle starts at just under 1 carat of diamonds but can be customized to hold almost 3 carats for a real stopper. It can also be manufacturered in your metal of choice.

The 1-carat bangle could be a fantastic starter or first bangle of fine jewelry. It could easily be an anchor piece that can be worn solo for a delicate sparkle or be coupled with others to enhance an overall look. The Diamond Top Bangle is an easy choice, and you can’t go wrong with this selection as it’s a total classic.


Legendary Curved BangleThe Legendary Curved Diamond Bangle puts a modern twist on the bangle with curved lines and a diamond topper. This piece is artfully designed to have a real personality and sit beautifully with the curve of your wrist. The cluster of three diamonds on the top of the bangle starts at just under a quarter of a carat in weight and can be customized to hold one carat. So whether you want a small accent piece or one with a little sparkle, Anjolee is here to create the bangle of your dreams. This particular piece showcases the specialty Anjolee brings to fine jewelry design with soft, but defined curves accented with just enough sparkle to make it extra special.

Suppose you’re looking for a unique gift to celebrate any occasion, or maybe a “just because” gift, look no further. The Legendary Curved Diamond Bracelet is the answer to your search.

Click here to visit Anjolee’s complete bangle bracelet collection. There is a style, color, and size for everyone.

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