Bridal Dress Trends for 2012

Bridal Dress Trends for 2012

Bridal Dresses – A Variety of Designs

Bridal dresses are available in a variety of styles—strapless, mermaid, ball gown, A-line, and halter—all which can be somewhat disconcerting when it comes to making a choice. However, you’ll be able to find your perfect style as the bridal dress trends for 2012 may help you narrow down the alternatives.

Featured Enhancements

Styles this year make use of form-fitting materials, with some designs featuring dramatic backless fashions that stop just short of the tailbone and halter styles accented with leg-flattering slits. Shoulder-baring gowns are also complemented with skirts made of tulle instead of frequently used satin-type materials and fabrics.

Capelets Provide a Soft way to Showcase a Strapless Gown

This year’s bridal gowns make the strapless gown elegantly soft with a veiled covering or capelet as well. Made with tulle or sheer lace and adorned with embellishments, such as beads or crystals, the tradition-defying bodices are strikingly beautiful as well as sexy.

Tiered Gowns – Great Choices for Brides who are Pear-shaped

For brides who want to camouflage wider hips, some gowns are fashioned with two separate tiers, with the top tier taking the emphasis away from the hip area. Horsehair—the synthetic kind, not the equine variety—adds textural definition to gowns that feature looped sashes and detailing.

Colorized Gowns take a Departure from Traditional White

Gowns with high and low hemlines are also featured in many bridal salons along with gowns that have taken a departure from traditional white. Especially popular for 2012 are blush-tinted gowns as well as bridal dresses that are shaded in slate or lilac. Even black gowns are being considered this year, particularly for nuptials scheduled in the evening or at night. Vera Wang created a line of dramatic black wedding dresses. If you opted for a black wedding gown, you could even choose to re-purpose it for a fancy event or night out.

Daring as well as Elegant

So, bridal dress trends for 2012 encompass styles that are daring, as well as elegant. The use of color is just one indicator that wedding gowns are evolving into more dramatic styles. Indeed, the new creations certainly have had a decided impact on classic bridal themes – all which continues to make a wedding a fashionably exciting celebration as well as memorable event.

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