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Loving Journey Bridal Set

MS285 1200x630

Begin your own special journey together with the enchantingly beautiful Loving Journey Bridal Set. Bursting with exquisite glittering diamonds, this magnificent matching engagement ring and wedding band set is the perfect start to a wonderful life of love. Accompanied by a comprehensive Anjolee Certificate of Authenticity, the alluring diamonds in this illustrious pair are bona fide and genuinely timeless. With a choice of seven different carat sizes to choose from for the radiant center diamond, you will definitely be able to find a set that works into your budget and style.

Starting at 0.25 carat up to an impressive 2.00 carats, the stunning center diamond is surrounded by a shimmering halo of twinkling 1.10mm (0.007 carat) round cut diamonds flawlessly prong set in a cushion shaped setting for a unique, multi-faceted design. Even more scintillating round cut diamonds (1.5mm, 0.015 carat) wrap around both the engagement ring and wedding band creating a remarkably hypnotizing amount of sparkle and shine.

These brilliant side diamonds are available in a range of color and clarity ratings. Diamonds sometimes have inclusions or blemishes visible under a microscope; the amount of inclusions determines the clarity rating of a diamond. From most to least flaws, the clarity ratings are as follows: I-1, SI-2, SI-1 or VS. The color rating of your diamonds can be selected as either HI (nearly colorless) or FG (completely colorless).

As the finishing touch to your customized wedding set, choose a platinum or gold setting as the background for the eye catching diamonds. Select bold and attractive 14k or 18k yellow gold for a classic, elegant appearance or choose polished platinum or luxurious 14k or 18k white gold for a more romantic, sultry look. Surprise her by having sweet words of love engraved inside the wedding band of the charming and captivating Loving Journey Bridal Set.


Shared Love Bridal Set

MS268 1200x444

Get ready to share a lifetime with the one you love when you present her with the dazzling Shared Love Bridal Set. With several center carat sizes to choose from, various precious metal options and custom engraving available, this beautiful matching wedding band and engagement ring combo is easily personalized to fit into your budget and complement your bride-to-be’s distinct style. Your luxurious diamond wedding set comes complete with a detailed Anjolee Certificate of Authenticity that outlines the color, clarity, carat weight and cut of your specific diamonds, the appraisal value and additional useful information.

A brilliant solitaire round cut center diamond bursts with remarkable sparkle while smaller, shimmering 1.5mm (0.015 carat) side round cut diamonds are channel set into both the engagement and wedding ring bands. The striking center diamond is available in six different carat sizes (from 0.50 carat to an unbelievably stunning 2.00 carats). Your choice in center carat size determines the total number of diamonds and collective carat weight of the alluring Shared Love Bridal Set. The twinkling side diamonds can be selected from two different color ratings: HI (nearly colorless) or FG (completely crystalline and colorless). For the clarity rating of your diamonds, in order from most to least blemishes visible under a microscope, the options are I-1, SI-2, SI-1 or nearly flawless VS.

To complete your look, the captivating Shared Love Bridal Set can be finished in either a gold or platinum setting. For a sultry, romantic appearance, choose fine platinum or elegant 14k or 18k white gold. Classic 14k or 18k yellow gold is a timeless and regal background for the glittering diamonds. Capture the genuine love you share together with this unforgettable and scintillating diamond wedding set.


Blooming Color Gemstone Anniversary Ring

SR110-Gem 1200x444

Whether you’re celebrating your first, tenth or twentieth year together, surprising her with the gorgeous and vibrant Blooming Color Gemstone Anniversary Ring is sure to make the day unforgettable. Available in so many different color combinations between the precious metal choice and genuine gemstone selection, you are guaranteed to find the perfect style for the one you love. This delightfully enchanting diamond and gemstone anniversary band comes complete with a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which thoroughly describes the diamonds, gemstones, setting, appraisal value and more.

With a total carat weight of 1.08 carats, the radiant Blooming Color Gemstone Anniversary Ring features an astounding 53 total diamonds and gemstones. Five exquisite 3.2mm (0.12 carat) round cut gemstones in the color of your choice are surrounded by a flower shaped halo of dazzling 1.3mm (0.01 carat) round cut diamonds. Choose a gemstone to match her birthstone, your wedding month or simply pick a pretty color with eight incredible gemstones to select from: alluring light purple amethyst, golden Citrine, deep red Garnet, vivid green Emerald, romantic Ruby, sophisticated blue Sapphire, lovely lavender Tanzanite or icy blue Topaz.

The shimmering side diamonds come in a range of diamond color and clarity ratings, from good to better to best quality. For nearly colorless diamonds, choose a color rating of HI or select a rating of FG for completely crystalline and colorless. The clarity rating of your diamonds can be decided from a range starting at those with a few inclusions visible under a microscope up to flawless, blemish free diamonds (I-1, SI-2, SI-1 or VS). These twinkling diamonds are securely prong set into a precious metal setting of your choice, either traditional 14k or 18k yellow gold, lustrous platinum or elegant 14k or 18k white gold. Fall in love all over again with the breathtaking and timeless Blooming Color Gemstone Anniversary Ring.


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