Brides Get Involved with the Engagement Ring Process

Choosing the Engagement Ring

Women often dream about the type of wedding they want to have and the kind of engagement ring they wish to receive. Recently, a customer asked me what kind of ring I thought he should get for his soon to be fiancé. The first thing I asked him was, “What kind of jewelry does your girlfriend like to wear”? Based on his answer I began to realize that some guys don’t pay attention to the kind of jewelry their girlfriend wears, even if she wears it every day. It is a detail that can be easily overlooked. His response to my question was that he really had no idea what type of jewelry she wore. This is not the first time I have heard this.

This is why I think it is becoming more and more popular for the bride-to-be to get involved with the ring selection. It can be as simple as mentioning a brand name of jewelry that she likes, sending some website links with her favorite choices or for those not willing to be surprised, they can go together to a store or website to pick it out.

Jewelry style is definitely unique to each individual. Are you willing to take the chance that your fiancé will not approve of the ring you pick out? Or do you know that she will appreciate it- because it came from you? I hope more people answer with the later response because after all, an engagement and a wedding are not centered on the jewelry you wear but around the love you share.

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