Revolutionary ‘Design Your Own Dream Jewelry’! Feature

Imagine if you could design a piece of  jewelry according to your exact specifications and the way you’ve always envisioned. This is possible with the introduction of Anjolee’s Design Your Own Dream Jewelry feature. In just a few simple steps, you can now easily submit any jewelry design to the Anjolee team and they will manufacture the item for you.

The process starts by submitting a request by email. A phone consultation with an Anjolee representative will clarify any questions about the design including metal type, diamond quality, size and length. Next, you will be sent a computerized image of the design for your review and proofing before any production will occur on your item. An Anjolee consultant will go over  various pricing options with you that can be obtained by modifying the metal type used in your item, your preference of diamond quality and size. This is the first company offering this innovative feature to play jewelry designer! What will you dream of?

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