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Forever Sparkling Diamond Pear Drop Earrings
E370-B-SP83 1200x630Light up the room when you walk in wearing the hypnotizing Forever Sparkling Diamond Pear Drop Earrings. The glittering focal point of each drop earring is a luxurious 5mm (0.75 carat) pear shaped diamond fully encircled by a double halo of 54 shimmering 1mm (0.005 carat) round cut diamonds. Connecting this bright burst of luster to the secure post backs is a single pillar of ten radiant 2.3mm (0.047 carat) prong set diamonds. These captivating diamonds can be set into your choice of precious metal: classic 14k or 18k yellow gold, sultry 14k or 18k white gold or icy platinum.

With a collective total carat weight of a remarkable 2.98 carats and 130 scintillating diamonds, the breath taking Forever Sparkling Diamond Pear Drop Earrings can be customized to match your style and budget. These beautiful diamonds can be selected from a range of costs and quality combinations. The most impressive, crystal clear diamonds have a color rating of FG (completely colorless), while the lesser quality but still brilliant diamonds have a HI color rating (good quality and nearly colorless). The clarity rating of your lovely diamonds can be chosen from a range based on quantity of blemishes that are visible under a microscope (from most to least inclusions: I-1, SI-2, SI-1, VS).

Coming complete with an extensive Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the characteristics and properties of your alluring diamond earrings, you can feel confident that this jewelry is genuine and high quality. Comfortably held in place by secure post backs, these 1.9” (4.8cm) eye catching diamond drop earrings shine bright all day and all night. Exquisite, romantic and timeless – the ravishing Forever Sparkling Diamond Pear Drop Earrings capture eyes and steal hearts. Always Yours Cushion Diamond and Gemstone Earrings

E370-B-SP84-Gem 1200x630Brilliant eye catching diamonds oozing with glittering sparkle and a burst of vibrant color, the scintillating Always Yours Cushion Diamond and Gemstone Earrings light up even the darkest room. Each gorgeous diamond drop earring extends a perfect length of 1.75” (4.4cm) and is comfortably yet firmly held in place by a secure post back closure. Complete with a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity, these magnificent and modern diamond and gemstone earrings are finely crafted with 66 hypnotizing diamonds in varying sizes resulting in a remarkable total carat weight of 4.25 carats per pair.

From each ear lobe, ten shimmering 2.3mm (0.047 carats) round cut diamonds delicately drop down into a stunning showcase of twenty-two dazzling 1.1mm (0.007 carat) diamonds fully encircling a vibrant 6.5mm (1.5 carat) cushion cut gemstone. The vivid pop of color amongst the crystalline brilliance is exactly what sets the unforgettable Always Yours Cushion Cut Diamond and Gemstone Earrings apart from other diamond drop earrings.

With customization options galore, the mesmerizing Always Yours Cushion Diamond and Gemstone Earrings are available in different precious metals, diamond qualities and a variety of colorful genuine gemstones. The color rating of the diamonds can be either HI (nearly colorless) or FG (completely colorless) while the clarity rating ranges (I-1, SI-2, SI-1 and VS) based on how many inclusions are visible under a microscope, if any. The breathtaking center gemstone can be selected from eight exquisitely beautiful choices: regal purple Amethyst, golden Citrine, bright red Garnet, exotic light green Peridot, deep red Ruby, sophisticated blue Sapphire, romantic lavender Tanzanite or alluring turquoise Topaz.

These lustrous diamonds and majestic gemstones are securely prong set against a precious metal backdrop of your choice of icy platinum, classic 14k or 18k yellow gold or elegant 14k or 18k white gold. A luxurious statement of incredible style, the enchanting Always Yours Cushion Diamond and Gemstone Earrings are an excellent accessory for any occasion.

Diamond Dreams Drop Earrings

E370-B-SP976-A 1200x630Dripping with scintillating sparkle, the gorgeous Diamond Dreams Drop Earrings will brighten her eyes and her smile. Each earring contains 31 shimmering round cut diamonds in varying sizes resulting in an impressive total carat weight of 2.52 carats per pair. Dangling delicately from each ear lobe, a single column of ten dazzling 2.3mm (0.047 carat) diamonds connects to a show stopping focal point of a lustrous 5.5mm (0.65 carat) diamond surrounded by a halo of twinkling 1.1mm (0.007 carat) dainty diamonds. The result is a regal and romantic look perfect for the sophisticated and stylish woman.

The eye catching Diamond Dreams Drop Earrings are available in a few different precious metals and a range of diamond quality ratings and costs. For the most brilliant and alluring shine, choose exquisite diamonds with a clarity rating of VS (flawless and blemish free) and a color rating of FG (crystal clear and colorless). A slightly less refined and more cost efficient option are lovely diamonds with a color rating of HI (good quality, nearly colorless) and a clarity rating of either I-1, SI-2, SI-1 (having some inclusions visible under a microscope). These genuine, glittering diamonds can be set against a background of polished platinum, icy 14k or 18k white gold or timeless 14k or 18k yellow gold. Any choices you make guarantee to produce a pair of high end, captivating diamond drop earrings.

Accompanied by a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which outlines the properties and characteristics of your diamond earrings, you can rest assured that you are receiving an illustrious, bona fide piece of jewelry. Securely held in place with traditional post style closures, these premium diamond earrings can be comfortably worn for hours on end. At an appropriate length of 1.7” (4.3cm), the breath taking Diamond Dreams Drop Earrings are the ideal elegant and exotic finishing touch to any fashion statement.

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