New Diamond Earring Designs

Three Fabulous Additions to the ‘Romance Collection’ on Anjolee

These new styles were added to the line of diamond drop earrings offered on As part of the ‘Romance Collection’ on Anjolee,  the earrings, style # SE848_Oval, style # SE848_Round and SE848_dia, feature a new design that has a diamond lined hoop followed by a diamond or gemstone dangle.

All of these earrings have a  similar design with the difference being the shape of the gemstone on the dangle portion of the earring. If you prefer oval shaped gemstones, choose the SE848_Oval. If you like round gemstones or diamonds choose from the SE848_Round or SE848_Dia.

Decide on the shape and color of the gemstone and then start building your dream pair of drop earrings. Options for customization include preference of gold or platinum, diamond quality, and size. The hoop portion of the earring is covered in diamonds so light will reflect in all directions.

How would you customize these earrings for yourself?

For more information about diamond earrings including these new styles, visit Anjolee’s Designer Diamond Earrings

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