Diamond Education Center on Anjolee.com

Anjolee has been the leading manufacturer of diamond jewelry for over 30 years. This expertise in the jewelry industry is proven by the recent launch of an exceptional diamond education center.

The process of buying diamond jewelry often begins with research;  the education center has all important topics covered including:

  • Metal Types (Karat markings, composition and features)
  • 4 C’s of Diamonds (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat)
  • Diamond Characteristics (Shape, Fluorescence and Polish)
  • Certifying Your Diamonds (Third Party Certificates from the I.G.I. and GIA)
  • Birthstone Jewelry
  • Finding Your Ring Size
  • Caring For Your Diamond Jewelry (Cleaning and Storing Tips)
  • Informative Guides (Proper Use of Security Mechanisms and Buying Guides)

Visit the Education Center today. If you have a question that is not listed, simply email service@anjolee.com for an immediate response from an Anjolee Diamond Expert.

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