Timeless and Elegant Diamond Tennis Necklaces


4 Prong Double Strand Graduated Diamond Necklace

double stand graduated diamond tennis necklace

Double the sparkle and triple her smiles with the eye catching 4 Prong Double Strand Graduated Diamond Necklace. Available in two impressive total carat weight options, this unbelievably hypnotizing two-strand diamond necklace can be customized with unique selections such as the length, color and clarity ratings of the diamonds and the type of precious metal to set these diamonds in. Accompanying every diamond necklace is a comprehensive Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the specific properties and characteristics of your necklace. This includes the carat weights and ratings of the diamonds, the number of diamonds and the appraisal value.

Timeless elegance combined with scintillating brilliance, the captivating Double Strand Graduated Diamond necklaces features a single strand of shimmering diamonds around the neck that splits into double strands with round cut diamonds gradually getting larger towards the center. The two total carat size options for this spectacular diamond necklace are 10.02 carats with 206 diamonds or 11.33 carats with 226 diamonds. The show stopping diamonds are flawlessly set in a classic 4 prong setting in the fine metal of your choice: luxurious platinum, romantic 14k or 18k white gold or bold and regal 14k or 18k yellow gold.

The genuinely gorgeous round cut diamonds come in a range of color and clarity ratings, from good to the best quality of diamonds. The color rating is HI (nearly colorless) or FG (crystalline, completely colorless) while the clarity rating is selected from a range starting with the most blemishes visible under a microscope to the least (I-1, SI-2, SI-1 or VS). Double down on your love and surprise her with the exquisite, unforgettable 4 Prong Double Strand Graduated Diamond Necklace.


4 Prong Double Strand V Drop Diamond Necklace

Drop V diamond tennis necklace with pendant

When it comes to dazzling diamonds, more is always better. Remarkably ravishing and bursting with lustrous sparkle, the alluring 4 Prong Double Strand V Drop Diamond Necklace features an unbelievable 273 genuine, spectacular diamonds and has an impressive total carat weight of 13.37 carats. Choose the color and clarity rating of your diamonds, the length you desire and the precious metal to set those beautiful diamonds in. Necklaces longer than 16” result in greater carat weight, higher price and even more brilliant diamonds. The customized diamond necklace that you select comes complete with a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity.

Two solid strands of exquisite round cut diamonds are securely set in traditional 4-prong settings; the first strand is closer to your neckline and slowly graduates in size. The second strand elegantly drops to a point and leads into an unforgettable 7mm x 5mm (0.75 carat) pear shaped diamond pendant. Majestic and intriguing, the breathtaking 4 Prong Double Strand V Drop Diamond Necklace is available without the pendant or with a unique pendant style. Please call Anjolee directly to special order the diamond necklace in these personalized ways.

The glittering diamonds in your customized two-strand diamond necklace can be chosen from a range of diamond color and clarity ratings. The color rating of your diamonds is selected as either HI (nearly colorless) or FG (absolutely crystalline and colorless). A diamond’s clarity rating is basically the amount of inclusions or blemishes visible under a microscope. From most to least flaws, the available ratings are I-1, SI-2, SI-1 or VS.

If you prefer a more romantic and sultry look, choose luxurious platinum or icy 14k or 18k white gold as the high end metal setting for your mesmerizing diamonds. Classically bold and exotic, a striking 14k or 18k yellow gold setting gives off a more regal and refined appearance. Gorgeous from every angle and eye catching from across the room, the hypnotizing 4 Prong Double Strand V Drop Diamond Necklace captivates eyes and enchants hearts.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Alluring Diamond Tennis Necklace

Alluring Diamond Tennis Necklace

Lustrous and lovely, the graceful Alluring Diamond Tennis Necklace is sure to enrapture and delight her. Available in two different styles (either a total carat weight of 8.17 carats or 9.36 carats on a standard 16” necklace), this gorgeous diamond necklace is fully encircled by an incredible 155 brilliant (even more for necklaces longer than 16”) round cut 2.2mm (0.041 carat) diamonds. The more impressive option of 9.36 carats features five eye catching 0.50 carat (6x4mm) emerald cut diamonds exquisitely surrounded by a shimmering halo of 0.005 carat (1mm) round cut diamonds that create delicate dangling charms. The specifics of the Alluring Diamond Tennis Necklace, such as the number of diamonds and exact carat weights, depend on your choice of necklace length.

Accompanied by a comprehensive Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which thoroughly details characteristics of your diamonds and high end materials, this dazzling diamond tennis necklace can be customized to fit within your budget and style preferences. The quality and cost of the sparkling diamonds is available in a range of clarity and color rating combinations. A diamond’s clarity rating is determined by the number of inclusions or blemishes visible under a microscope, from most to least flaws the rating choices are: I-1, SI-2, SI-1 or VS. The color rating of your genuine diamonds can be HI (nearly colorless) or FG (completely colorless and crystalline).

To complement your personal taste even more, the captivating and elegant Alluring Diamond Tennis Bracelet comes in a few distinct high quality precious metals. Glittering diamonds prong set in icy platinum or radiant 14k or 18k white gold deliver a romantic, timeless feel while classic 14k or 18k yellow gold has a more bold and regal appearance. No matter what options you choose, you are guaranteed to receive a remarkably breathtaking diamond tennis necklace.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Captivating Diamond Tennis Necklace

Captivating Diamond Tennis NecklaceDazzling and elegant, the unforgettable Captivating Diamond Tennis Necklace will have her falling in love all over again. Crafted with only the most exquisite materials, this mesmerizing diamond necklace is bursting with crystalline brilliance sure to capture her attention and imagination. An included Anjolee Certification of Authenticity details the specific characteristics of your diamond necklace, such as the total carat weight, diamond quality ratings, appraisal value and number of stones.

In a standard 16” beautiful Captivating Diamond Tennis Necklace, there are a total of 245 sparkling round cut diamonds in varying carat weight sizes. When wearing this stunning diamond tennis necklace, an impressive 8.53 carats of lustrous diamonds completely encircle your entire neck. Five striking 4.5mm (0.35 carat) round cut diamonds surrounded by a twinkling halo of shiny 1mm (0.005 carat) act as delicate charms hanging from the spectacular sphere of shimmering diamonds. Different lengths will result in different total carat weights and collective number of genuine diamonds.

It is up to you to choose the color and clarity rating (and corresponding costs) of the diamonds used in the remarkably radiant Captivating Diamond Tennis Necklace. The most illuminating diamonds have a color rating of FG (entirely colorless) and clarity rating of VS (basically flawless). The other color rating option is HI (nearly colorless) and additional clarity ratings are I-1, SI-2 and SI-1 (from most to least inclusions visible under a microscope).

For a subtly sensual, romantic feel, choose polished platinum or sultry 14k or 18k white gold to prong set your scintillating diamonds in. Icy diamonds against a contrasting classic 14k or 18k yellow gold creates a more regal and refined look. Adding a modern touch to a timeless style, the luxurious Captivating Diamond Tennis Necklace is an ideal and intriguing accessory that any sophisticated woman would love to wear.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Signature Diamond Necklace

Signature Diamond Tennis Necklace

Steal the show when you walk in wearing the uniquely elegant Signature Diamond Necklace. Available in five distinct total carat weights, each style has its own one of a kind design featuring well over one hundred breathtaking round cut diamonds in varying sizes. Flawlessly crafted with fine precious metals and genuine glittering diamonds, this gorgeous diamond necklace comes with a comprehensive Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the specifics of your purchase such as the color and clarity ratings of the diamonds, number of stones, carat weight and appraisal value.

Exquisite eye catching diamonds wrap around your entire neck and gracefully cascade down into a sophisticated split design creating an exotic and alluring appearance.  The varying sizes of the dazzling round cut diamonds in the illustrious Signature Diamond Necklace depends on the total carat weight and length that you choose. Your total carat weight choices are: 6.67 carats, 7.20 carats, 8.36 carats, 9.79 carats or an incredible 9.95 total carats. To show an example, a classic 16” diamond necklace with a total carat weight of 8.36 carats has 162 stunning round cut diamonds starting at 2.2mm (0.041 carat) ranging up to 3.8mm (0.21 carat).

The brilliant diamonds in the hypnotizing Signature Diamond Necklace can be selected from a variety of color and clarity ratings to suit your budget and personal preference. For the most impressive and radiant diamonds, choose a color rating of FG (perfectly colorless) and clarity rating of VS (nearly flawless). Your other color option is HI (a tiny hint of color to the diamond) and clarity ratings of I-1, SI-2 and SI-1 (listed in order of most to least blemishes visible under a microscope). Set these lustrous diamonds in a high end premium metal of your choice: icy platinum, romantic 14k or 18k white gold or timeless 14k or 8k yellow gold. Look and feel like royalty every time you wear the enchantingly regal Signature Diamond Necklace.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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