Significance of Diamond Journey Jewelry

Curve Diamond Journey Pendant
Curve Diamond Journey Pendant

Take a Journey with Diamonds

Recently, a customer asked me for a gift idea for his wife, who was about to have their first baby. I showed him our line of diamond journey pendants because they are personal, sentimental and are beautiful for everyday wear. By definition, journey jewelry is a piece of diamond jewelry that graduates in sizes. It is the perfect gift to tell someone you appreciate the journey they are on, or that you don’t want the journey to end. Some people call it the representation of the “past, present and future” of love. This is a beautiful sentiment that relates to romance and loving relationships. What I like about this line of jewelry is the fact that it is not your standard jewelry item, because it is inspirational and holds a special significance or sentimental value. As a relationship grows, so do the diamonds! For this specific customer, his family was about to grow, so it was appropriate to get a three stone journey pendant that represented this life change. Journey jewelry epitomizes how love grows between two people and how commitment deepens.

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