Drop Earrings Are New and Stunning From Anjolee

New Drop Earrings Sparkle and Shine

New Drop Earrings Princess Cut Diamond Teardrop EarringsJust as striking with an elegant evening gown as they are with a beautiful blouse and slacks, the luxurious Princess Cut Diamond Teardrop Earrings exude grace and sophistication. Choose from total carat weights of 2.03 carats, 2.64 carats or an unbelievably brilliant 3.81 total carats. Each illuminating diamond earring starts with a gorgeous princess cut diamond from which a larger, hypnotizing pear cut diamond drop earrings. The specific sizes of these diamonds depend on your selection of total carat weight. For example, a total carat weight of 3.81 carats results in an exquisite pair of new diamond earrings with two lovely 4mm (0.403 carat) princess cut diamonds and two eye catching 9x6mm (1.50 carats) pear shaped diamonds.

The spectacular diamonds in the sparkling Princess Cut Diamond Teardrop Earrings are selected from a range of qualities with their own distinct color and clarity ratings (Good, Better or Best). The most high quality diamonds have a color rating of FG (perfectly colorless and crystalline) and clarity rating of VS (flawless to the naked eye). If you are seeking a romantic and alluring appearance, choose to have your dazzling diamonds expertly prong set in fine platinum or icy 14k or 18k white gold. Classic 14k or 18k yellow gold behind the radiant diamonds produces a bold and regal look.

At a delicate width of 0.23” (5.81mm) and stylish length of 0.63” (15.92mm), this stunning pair of diamond earrings is great for women of all ages and, because of a secure screw back clasp, they can comfortably be worn all day and all night. Every pair of captivating Princess Cut Diamond Teardrop Earrings comes with an Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the characteristics and properties of your customized diamond earrings. Breathtakingly beautiful, these show stopping earrings are designed to amaze and intrigue.

Dangle Drop Diamond Earrings

Drop Earrings - Six Stone Diamond Drop Earrings SE100 1200x630

Make an unforgettable statement of grace and beauty when you walk in wearing the breathtaking Six Stone Diamond Drop Earrings by Anjolee. Available in three different total carat weights, these stunning diamond earrings feature a trio of brilliant, bezel set, round cut diamonds dangling exquisitely from each ear. A total carat weight choice of 0.31 carats has six 2.4mm (0.051 carat) twinkling diamonds, 0.96 carat has 3.5mm (0.16 carat) diamonds and the remarkable selection of 1.50 total carats has six dazzling 4mm (0.25 carat) round cut diamonds.

When set against a traditional 14k or 18k yellow gold setting, the sophisticated Six Stone Diamond Drop Earrings exudes a regal and classic radiance. For a more romantic and alluring feel, choose to have your sparkling diamonds flawlessly bezel set in icy platinum or elegant 14k or 18k white gold. The lustrous diamonds in this striking pair of diamond earrings are selected from three specific diamond qualities, each with its own cost and color and clarity rating.

As an added bonus, each pair of earrings comes complete with an Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the characteristics of the diamonds and precious metal used to create your customized jewelry and contains other important information such as the appraisal value. Hanging at a perfectly modern length of 0.70” (17.73mm), the gorgeous Six Stone Diamond Drop Earrings brighten your eyes and your smile every time you wear them.


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