Fashion and Accessories for the Real World

Fashionable Accessories
Fashionable Accessories

Envisioning a new look for yourself can be fun but it’s actually more pleasurable to really create a look mixing new with the old, and expensive with the affordable. Your closet will rotate with pieces of clothes and jewelry that your wallet will appreciate. I have been reading because it provides a bunch of ideas for doing exactly this. One of my favorite ideas is going to accessible stores like Old Navy and Topshop for the essential wardrobe pieces that you can then mix with something fancier, like a designer scarf, pair of shoes or piece of jewelry. Imagine if you were to spend $2,500 buying a jacket from a brand name versus alternatively spending that money on a couple of great outfits from less expensive brands, splurging on one accessory like a great hat or piece of jewelry. By allocating how much you spend on any particular item, you can end up getting more wearable pieces.

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