Gemstone Earrings: The Anytime Accessory

Building a solid jewelry wardrobe is as important as your clothing wardrobe – possibly even more so. While clothing can quickly become outdated or worn out, fine jewelry is crafted to endure – it is an asset!

Perhaps you have been seeing a lot of buzz about minimalism, capsule wardrobes, and making more of fewer items. The same premise can be applied to your jewelry as well. If you have a few dynamic, versatile pieces that can be paired with just about anything, then it is worth investing in high quality jewelry pieces that will elevate your look.

In this article, we will be highlighting six Anytime Gemstone Earrings that will add vibrant color and sparkle to any ensemble. They are so versatile that you’ll want to wear them time and time again. Pair any of these earrings with items in our other jewelry collections to complete your look.

Classic Four Prong Diamond Stud Earrings


Anjolee Classic Four Prong Round Gemstone Stud EarringsThese classic diamond stud earrings are simple but pack a powerful punch of color. They are available in eight stunning gemstone options and can be customized in the stone size that is right for you.

The gemstones are securely set into an attractive four prong setting that includes a comfortable threaded post and back closure. This classic setting comes in 14k or 18k white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum.

Four Prong Princess Cut Gemstone Stud Earrings


Here is a modern take on a well-loved classic. Princess cut gemstone earrings are timeless and elegant – and just a little different than other styles. They captivate the eye with deeply saturated color and gorgeous sparkle.

These beautiful earrings are available in nine different sizes ranging from .25 to 3 carats and in gold or platinum. They are easy to wear and the threaded post and back holds them securely on the ear.

Oval Shaped Gemstone and Diamond Hoop Earrings


A jewelry wardrobe is not complete without a stunning pair of hoop earrings. These oval shaped hoops include gemstones that provide vibrant color and brilliant round diamonds that captivate the eye.

These lovely hoop earrings are available in five colored gemstone options. You can further customize these earrings by selecting the diamond quality, total carat weight, and precious metal you love most.

Must-Have Gemstone Diamond Hoop Earrings


These elegant hoops are simply breathtaking! The diamonds and gemstones are securely set by four prongs of high-polished metal. In an alternating fashion, gemstones and diamonds gracefully sparkle with every turn of the head.

This style is available in four different sizes and you can customize by selecting your favorite gemstones and precious metal. These hoop earrings slip easily from day to evening without any fuss. They sit comfortably and securely on the ear, making them a pleasure to wear.

Three Prong Gemstone and Diamond Earrings


Set in an attractive and graduated design, these beautiful earrings will quickly become your favorite to wear. You can add them to any outfit without hesitation. The pair of diamond and gemstone earrings feature one diamond and two radiant gemstones of your choice.

Each stone is set in a secure three prong design, and artfully displayed. These earrings are also available in an all diamond selection and there is a magnificent pendant that is the perfect companion to either option.

Elongated Diamond and Gemstone Hoop


These attractively shaped diamond and gemstone hoop earrings feature a line of alternating gemstones and diamonds down the front. With an elongated oval shape, these earrings add a contemporary twist and make them fun to wear.

They are available in four different sizes and are the perfect complement to your look. Crafted in your choice of gold or platinum these earrings will quickly become your favorite ‘go-to’ piece of jewelry.

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