Give A Gift From The Heart: Shop Anjolee’s Sweetheart Collection

Introducing our Sweetheart Collection: Hearts have a very special place in jewelry design – so many women remember getting a heart necklace from someone special in our lives, whether it be from a boyfriend, husband, father, mother, or someone else important. It is a classic option that never goes out of style.

Anjolee has many jewelry designs featuring hearts and we have put them together in a collection that can be worn by women of any age. Our collection focuses on incorporating hearts that are classic and beautiful with just a bit of a modern edge.

If you are interested in jewelry with a heart design, each one gives off a little bit of a different feel.

For Your One True Love

Sweetheart's Embrace Diamond RingIf hearts are the international symbol of love, rings come in a close second. If you need a special ring that has the sweetest details, our Sweetheart’s Embrace Diamond Ring is an excellent choice. The diamond is surrounded by hearts from every angle, so she never forgets how much she means to you.

If you are celebrating a special anniversary with your one true love, an anniversary ring is a fantastic way to remind her just how much she means to you. An anniversary ring is meant to complement the rings that she already wears. It should be simple but have some hidden, meaningful details – like a few hearts! Our diamond anniversary ring from the Sweetheart Collection can be changed to match any style or metal that you want.

Dearest Sweetheart Diamond Studs for A Loved One

Dearest Sweetheart Diamond Stud EarringsWant to celebrate a milestone for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter? Our Dearest Sweetheart Diamond Earrings are a beautiful way to do so. They add just a little bit of sparkle to her ears without being too over the top. The heart detailing will help to make them unique from the studs that every other girl has.

Of course, these would be a great choice for a wife or girlfriend as well!

A Beautiful Pendant When You Aren’t Ready for A Ring Just Yet

Dearest Sweetheart Diamond PendantSometimes you aren’t ready to give a ring to a loved one just yet, but you want to give something truly special. A diamond pendant necklace with special heart details can get the point across and keep you close to her heart at all times.

This fine diamond jewelry is perfect for a holiday or just a special celebration when you want to let her know how much she means to you. She will cherish it, and because of the classic shape and unique nature of it, she will always keep it on her. The pendant itself is simple enough that she will be able to mix and match it with other jewelry, but the heart details remind her of you.

Want to Buy Her Some Jewelry She Doesn’t Have?

If you aren’t sure what kind of diamond jewelry to get your loved one, the Sweetheart Collection has a ton of bracelet options. Bracelets seem to be the type of jewelry that women don’t have as much of, but we love to wear them.

A diamond bracelet catches the light whenever we move our arm, which helps us to fall in love with them. A Sweetheart Chain Link bracelet is the perfect option for day-to-day wear for younger women in school or just starting out in their careers. The Stylish Sweetheart Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a great choice for those who want a bit more sparkle on a daily basis or for special occasions.

If you want to buy a bracelet for a truly special occasion, you cannot beat the Sweetheart Diamond Tennis Bracelet, which is full of diamonds and hearts so that she can wear her (and your) heart on her sleeve.

Sweetheart Diamond Tennis BraceletLove Heart Jewelry?

If you love heart jewelry but don’t see one that you like listed above – don’t fret! This is just a small taste of the different heart jewelry that Anjolee offers. We have plenty more available and if you need help, feel free to reach out to our team. We are here to help you.

You can also view our Unity Bracelet Collection, which has several beautiful heart-shaped designs.

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