Color of Gold

One question I hear from customers is what is the difference between white gold, rose gold and yellow gold?

Options for Gold jewelry include yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The most common gold type request for jewelry manufacturers has traditionally been yellow gold. Since customers often question the different color options available, I wanted to explain these differences and hopefully help you with the selection of the perfect piece of jewelry.

Yellow Gold

Some people prefer a yellow gold metal type because they believe it will accentuate the diamonds best .Yellow gold is typically alloyed with copper and silver giving it added strength.  Its natural tone looks good on a variety of people.  The concentration of how much yellow is actually in yellow gold is influenced by its content.  This is because the larger the karat, the brighter and deeper the yellow will appear.  Pure 24 karat gold, is gold that has no alloys mixed in, and is the deepest yellow of all the colors.

White Gold

Recently, white gold has been more popular as an alternative to yellow gold, especially when it comes to wedding and bridal jewelry. White gold is mixed with alloys including palladium alloy, zinc, and nickel. Depending on the type of jewelry, white gold can really enhance the appearance of the diamonds.  White gold usually requires the finishing step of applying a rhodium plating. This will give it a bright white finish.  This can cover the somewhat yellowish tone that may appear.

Rose Gold

Rose gold can appear pinkish in color and is a combination of copper mixed with gold. Copper has a rosy tone to it, thus leading to the name “Rose Gold”. Because rose gold has a soft tone, it usually compliments the skin’s natural coloring. A medium rose gold will appear blush like rosy in color.

When it comes to your gold jewelry, which color do you prefer?

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