Graduated Diamonds Create These New Necklace Designs

Brilliant Fire Graduated Diamond Strand Necklace

Graduated Diamond Strand

Sparks fly and smiles ignite when you walk in wearing the eye catching Brilliant Fire Graduated Diamond Strand Necklace from Anjolee. Glittering round cut graduated diamonds impeccably bezel set into your choice of precious metal gradually get larger as they reach the center of this stunning diamond necklace. Three distinct total carat weight styles are available for you to choose from. The exact number of diamonds and the varying sizes depends on your total carat weight selection and the length of your necklace.

There are many more customization options for you to create a personalized Brilliant Fire Graduated Diamond Strand Necklace that fits your style and budget. Your radiant diamonds can be chosen from a range of qualities from Good to Better to Best. Each diamond quality has its own specific color rating (how colorless/crystalline the diamonds are) and clarity rating (how many inclusions are visible under a microscope). These shimmering graduated diamonds are set into either bold, regal 14k or 18k yellow gold, sophisticated platinum or romantic 14k or 18k white gold.

Because your diamond necklace is so unique, it comes complete with a comprehensive Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details all of your specific choices such as the carat weights, quality ratings and appraisal value. Add a subtle elegance and attractive luster to your wardrobe with the glamorous Brilliant Fire Graduated Diamond Strand Necklace.


Graceful Graduated Point Necklace

Graceful Graduated Diamond Point Necklace

Simple and sophisticated, the sparkling Graceful Graduated Point Necklace is bursting with dazzling diamonds. Genuine round cut graduated diamonds are flawlessly bezel set throughout the entire length of this beautiful diamond necklace, with diamonds gradually getting larger as they reach the center point. There are two styles to choose from: the first has a 0.25 carat center diamond and the second has a 0.50 carat focal diamond with the rest getting smaller as they go up the neckline. The number of diamonds and total carat weight depends on the length of the necklace.

The lustrous diamonds used to create your customized graduated diamond necklace are available in a range of easy to understand diamond qualities: Good, Better and Best. Each diamond quality category has specific color and clarity ratings. Color ratings available are HI (nearly colorless) or FG (perfectly crystalline) and clarity ratings (from most to least inclusions visible under a microscope) are I-1, SI-2 or VS. An included Anjolee Certification of Authenticity details the properties of your diamonds and provides other useful information.

Along with choosing the length, center carat size and diamond quality, you can also select the high quality precious metal to bezel set the shimmering round cut diamonds into. An icy platinum and elegant 14k or 18k white gold setting results in a romantic and enchanting diamond necklace. If you really want the glittering diamonds to stand out, opt for a contrasting 14k or 18k yellow gold setting. Make your selections and await the arrival of your personalized and mesmerizing Graceful Graduated Point Necklace.

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